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Does this move mean

JUJU200808082010-03-06 20:11:48 +0000 #1
Going round behind the enemy's right arm and then strangling the enemy's throat and then his left hand up to his right hand on the left big arm big arm with his left elbow and the Department of clamping induced in the left hand, the brain behind the enemy lines and then left hand to the the brain behind the enemy lines before the thrust up his right arm raised to the side arms have been forced and then the corpses

What will be the right hand palm on the left big arm big arm with his left elbow and the Department of clamping?
jiancangfeng2010-03-06 20:23:16 +0000 #2
Friends! This approach is twisting techniques to the other side of the head is a uniform means of force, I'll give you the following ways stronger than some of you say lethal. Method 1: Bypass the enemy's rear, right hand left Saibu try to jack up the other side, his left hand holding down the right-hand on the back of the head the other parts of the left hand side to the right force, right to the left side force and work together to tighten the range from Zhai hook, heavy neck is broken ; Method 2: Bypass the enemy's rear, right arm elbow Guzhu the other side, neck, left hand holding his right wrist Department, together Sok Meng admitted to his right knee, the site, which will beg for mercy, if the combined force, the other light-shock, heavy were killed. The move method, belonging to the technology behind the attack on the scope of practice, action must be in place, all in one, do not resist the opportunity to each other in order to receive the miraculous; and finally to reiterate, the more vicious tactics for dealing with bad guys, usually can not be abused, Otherwise, adverse consequences, is too late! ! !
masha0072010-03-06 20:27:30 +0000 #3
Cross Lock



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