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Taekwondo, ah - I was again struck

Love Snow chase month2010-03-06 21:10:33 +0000 #1
God - just to mention the problem - to mention that girls at the end come to my house to play .. she was a crazy smile to see the computer screen staring me ah .. then glance, said: "The We are training the next. " I agreed. I've got an open space and laying out a plastic pad (and rather prepared specifically for taekwondo). Then we both started playing up. . Perak Para's fortunate that my family no one ... and then she began to implement the old planned .. coquetry. . . Then I just heard that Big Brother, I do not accept her coquetry. Then she actually did not panic, let me turn her over. . . Then she pretended to cry, I soft-hearted, and came up to her to apologize, then she actually look at me turn to the wall over there, seemingly joint blockade, I can not move, and by his press to the wall. Almost to the mercy of her. . Then she took me by the plastic pads, sinister smile on my body ... I lay it can not move, and a little effort to not be reached. . She was on my back, said: "Oh, was I caught the roar? - Uh ah shiver my soul.. I paralysis, where Qiu died you say, how can I do ah?

lqdingzi2010-03-06 21:18:01 +0000 #2
Never trust a woman to say `````` `` `ah remember the bad people not to upset the woman would rather provoke ```



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