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The murderous rage in the martial arts fighting is useful or harmful?

Miles Northland2010-03-07 00:10:08 +0000 #1
Street fight or a ring contest, one party has a murderous rage, looking murderously, imposing strong, to have caused some psychological pressure on opponents, it seems beneficial to fighting contest.

However, in some martial arts training, with particular attention to internal strength training, martial arts, also requested the calm, natural calm, clear-headed in order to determine accurate and easier to play the biggest energy for fighting, violent anger instead become an obstacle to force the state of accessible play fetters.

Heart of doubt, people in the natural state of calm and quiet and peaceful, there is no desire to kill a murderous intention to kill, but also play forces?

Rabid murderous fighting in the martial arts is helpful or harmful?
No mean 20002010-03-07 00:21:59 +0000 #2
If you're simply in order to defeat the opponent, not to martial in-depth exercises, this is useful, not only to deter each other, raise their courage; may also increase the confidence of the Three Kingdoms Zhang Fei are examples ah.

If, in order to go long-term martial way, then suggested a good peace and tranquility. Have you seen what martial artists, Mao impulsive rashness ah? Do not always calm? Fearless, Once Upon a Time, Bruce Lee so!

Recommendation: calm. Can be self-cultivation, heart, on health is also good. If the mind impatient, it is likely to result into an erroneous idea of a shortage, resulting in a failure.
Happy feelings2010-03-07 00:30:47 +0000 #3
to look at what is practiced martial arts
664,124,8072010-03-07 00:57:23 +0000 #4
a good profession, I am not a master of what you have said, or martial arts at home I'm just a little taste of people in this regard what you have said, the personal sense of jiu-jitsu useless in the past and I vied people have some long-standing love-lock and the "stick up" your power and speed but in the hardness of bone, said little in front .. Hehe, I like this because of pure fighting for like it or not flowers like those on television the real fancy whistle fight took me the longest time was 4 minutes crush a normal person, but it depends on who should fight who is quick shot beat up and my head is really the feeling of wood is a reflection on their own nerves moving training method is to throw more things at home when the throw went out to play a rebound and then hammer the tree to the park to catch the early morning jogging, I go to bed at night 120 push-ups and individual training on the two time periods one morning one night Oh, right you still say the speed and intensity of legs, legs Running is the best weight-bearing running more than you are a student may still view the body, so do not weight-bearing long-run more like the usual leapfrog to do more at home playing the Zhiquan this mirror is sure to force every boxing The hit 300 when there is a sense of elbow to fold away the feeling that (and yes, I usually hit 300 or so) .. you have to really want to keep fit and healthy insisted no formal martial arts through what channels mainly depends on your personal perseverance continue to insist on not adhere to tell the truth, when I first started so I gave up twice .. Hei hei because of something else to give up half a month later, and from then until now for 2 years a new beginning for a more .. really comfortable slowly out of the body used to it you will feel comfortable to express my feeling can not tell you



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