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I am 15 years old soon 16 on the issue of pulling ligaments

Love Songs 丶Hey sing2010-03-07 06:10:20 +0000 #1
I want to practice Sanda boys need to endure hardship is in the affirmative, I would like to learn well within 2 months after learning Sanda, according to what I do because of the link.
Taekwondo kids 1172010-03-07 06:14:02 +0000 #2
scientific and effective flexible method of flexible scientific and effective way

today is considered the most scientific and effective flexible way is the United States, motor PhD (Tomas Kurz) after long-term research The creation of 'flexible reciprocity training (isometric stretches)'

This method is not how complicated, but the practice should be flexible arrangements for the system in order to achieve good results! Is divided into two parts, first, every morning, then 4

15 minutes to do dynamic flexibility exercises, that is, joints do is leg lift, leg and side stitch after stitch leg. But definitely not to do static stretching! Second, as long as two times a week for 11 to 23 minutes of flexibility exercises such right. Briefly put, reciprocity is more extraordinary splits practice methods, legs split to the maximum, the keeping of not more than 30 seconds, and then slightly away, the upper thigh muscle in about 3

5 seconds, feeling is to let your legs Picking up the body force. Then relax and then slowly to the limit under the pressure to maintain does not exceed 30 seconds, and then put away the same leg a little harder, repeatedly so, probably about 5 times. In my own experience, it should be a lower pressure than the preceding one can be. But do not worry too much about the next day feeling if the muscles hurt, and that is training the transition, and the need to suspend, until the muscles hurt so far! According to our records, the average person takes about 3 to 6 months can be successfully split horizontal forks, mainly based on the basis of personal flexibility, and some nine days we can totally do the splits! Of course, this means there are many ancillary training, such as advise you more than running, running can increase the flexibility of muscles, but also to do more abdominal and back muscles exercises that can help you easily from high-leg, weight-bearing squat legs, etc. Step strength training is also essential, as well as a daily to do is, sit, the lifting legs, and then around the legs to the limit, and then, and since then the legs, repeated 100 times a month, rear foot wrist load, 50 hours a day leg raise, after a monthly increase in weight, this method splits a great help.
Pagbalha Singer2010-03-07 06:19:26 +0000 #3
I 17, Sanda training four years. Ligament that is pulling the morning warm-up look at the first, and so body heat of the stretching, do not painlessly energetically downward pressure. Method itself as able to pressure to open will do. The best to find someone to help by pressing, the effect would be a good point. Early, middle and late over 20 minutes of stretching, do not break every day practicing. 1 month or so certainly fork under the vertical, horizontal cross bar was more than two months. Remember that flexibility is not coming to an end That is to say, the most important is to persist. A week is not stretching the Bailian a
13804882010-03-07 06:51:50 +0000 #4
I practice for 12 years. Ha ha!

University graduates have not practiced for over a year

In general I suggest you first learn routines. If there is a long-term plans, then get a result of what

since the first training routine is based on flexibility and coordination routines based.

If you just want to look at the body can also be an amateur exercise.

Sanda no ligaments all over the body is too soft, you can use to pull its weight as long as they can be put in place actions of the

If the ligament is too soft will not have access to fresh.

The easiest way to think two months of the ligament opened.

not afraid of get up early. not afraid of hardship. every day, insisted .%%%%% attention to the necessity of stretching the right way, otherwise regret life



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