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Boxing and martial arts of the blade

Bor paste. Chek It2010-03-07 06:10:51 +0000 #1
To learn more, preferably the books!
niche after 902010-03-07 06:19:46 +0000 #2
ordinary people can not buy the basic, unless you go to Shaolin or Wudang Mountain tourism in the temple door to buy CDs and books, the best school to go to those big arms, and to find their coach or staff to buy on the market to buy those fighting, grappling is not to buy, those are false, the practice is not out of ordinary people's response and the strength, speed can not be achieved, if we really want to suggest that you go to the Shaolin Temple martial arts training tower ditch Wu school, best in the world martial arts is not covered, there is no condition that can surf the Internet and Tower ditch the non-graduates to open museum can do, a magazine that are false on the novel and can not be believed, the real martial arts is not a one-year two will be able to train well for.



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