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Several questions on the rejection stick

zypgkbs2010-03-07 09:10:56 +0000 #1
Taobao I spend 80 to buy 25-inch FOX ocean, the online verified is authentic, but do not know is, I see no fox such a low price, merchants said that promotion specifically do not know, and good access to the question,

1. to remove the rear cover of light penetration into the point of view can not explain just stick a lock bad?

2. disassemble found that Section 2 has a slight inner rust tracks, is this normal?

3. Section I is difficult to recall, there is no very effective method?

ps: advertising and the spray of people on the If You Are a
83768732010-03-07 09:14:24 +0000 #2
1. a general rejection stick by your method of penetration into just a normal (as long as not too much). Ant rejection of my 165 stick is also able to see some light.

2. There is more inner rust is normal. The outer wall did not OK. Want to know is not a rejection stick stainless steel to do is just outside the layer of plating. (When too much rust can be coated with oil)

3. This do, He He. A good rejection stick recovery will be difficult, LZ more use of the use, control of the thrown and recycling efforts, problems will be resolved.

Taken together, LZ buy rejection stick is good. In addition, the rejection stick requires frequent use, and maintenance. And the attention to use. . . . Without further ado the. LZ can go to "Baidu Wikipedia rejection stick" to see, where the use and maintenance of talking in great detail. . .
Xing Secretary's Jian2010-03-07 09:41:17 +0000 #3
No, you should go to stores to buy their own (but not exclusively in the clothing store), ants rejection stick good point, really good stick is a good steel do rust on the description will not, my own this the ants rejection stick, used for two years, still looks like new, passing the buck when looking for someone hair, others now see me to talk about the stick, it should be a little expensive bar, another online are also selling fakes



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