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How to loose shoulder practicing tai chi?

liu354633902010-03-07 09:11:04 +0000 #1
Shoulders loose muscles of the shoulder is on the loose? But how can we lift the arm muscles do not shrink from?

When the arm on an object, can feel the shoulder of the deltoid muscle is loose, but left the object immediately tightening. No matter how the sagging elbows, shoulders still pine for long. I could feel the momentum built up have been issued by the waist, shoulder block, and only in the chest shock issue, and arm a force to be little. . .

Hope master pointing 12 ------- how the loose shoulder's going on? How to loose shoulder?
Wudang Jian Zong2010-03-07 09:26:28 +0000 #2
ah sense of awareness of Tai Chi Chuan is not our intention to remember to do only in the sense of force in the shoulder is loose

example: brush knee and twist step you have not said the master, when in charge of pushing the consciousness of to feel you are pushing a mountain?

is this truth of (Do not sue me you can tear down a mountain ah)

for the power transmission focused on feelings

The simplest way is to shoulder the following strength in the hair all the time that the force should not with (of course, at least you'll have to lift his arm come ...) and then the power from the feet to the legs to the waist to the shoulder to the elbow hand experience carefully, without force of arms under the general feeling of less than 10 times you can feel "loose "feeling a

more specific point is when the force of the body in the hair-pin into the leg according to the waist to the shoulder to the elbow in the order hand movement first started to do it slowly all parts of the body are fully in accordance with this sequence of movement, after you have complete control gradually increase speed to gradually increase the intensity of leg hair strength about 10 times you should probably find a feeling

I used to practicing when the chest is also following the earthquake had accidentally discovered the trick I can do with the right hand has the power to pass completely (although there were flaws in the time ...) I have not left hair strength reaches the level of

10 million to remember not to use brute force is the kind of tai chi The more you use brute force the more practice you have a bad grasp why boxing is the tai chi practitioners The first priority
♀ secluded ∞ complain ♀2010-03-07 09:34:34 +0000 #3
shoulders of natural subsidence, that is, defendants shoulder. But more important is the spirit of consciousness to relax, clear the brain, what do not want to, from the strength of the shoulder strap out of the waist.
nongfubaya2010-03-07 09:22:44 +0000 #4
Tai Chi is dealt with gently for surgery, do not deliberate whether to feel their muscles tighten or relax, the most important is the mood combination of arbitrary, stretch their legs and the body to maintain a natural, even-handed, action such as Xingyunliushui, gentle leveling slow, Fa Jin flexible, non-use of clumsy force.

Shoulder - Euparagonimus Song Shen, non-on-Song, anterior cingulate, or post-tensioned

Hanxiong pull back, Chen Jian elbow: refers to the chest, back, shoulder, elbow position, chest to contain not quite, the shoulders should not have to Shen-Song , elbows should not have to lift sagging, body to naturally relax



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