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Declarative sentences turn rhetorical exercises

Yin Jia Ze2010-03-07 12:11:18 +0000 #1
15,937,593,1412010-03-07 12:26:02 +0000 #2
1, if we can, like water droplets, there is not anything done.

2, ten trees, takes a hundred years. Ex education teachers, and we never forget.

3, hardships can not stop us from making progress.

4, we will never forget it even higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea of friendship.

5, towering mountains is a heroic symbol of the spirit of the indomitable Zhang Jian.

6, no one can deny that the movie is not educational.

7, we can not do selfish things.

8, the phenomenon of illegal acts, we must severely punished.

9, the relationship between man and mountain increasingly close, can not but make us feel warm, comfortable.

10, classmate VI contains a friendship, and we can not forget.

To rhetorical questions into declarative sentences

1, the soldiers how to leave their own positions in it?

2, our schools, not carried out precisely in the text of the reading ancient poetry activities?

3, than the high mountains and deeper than the sea of friendship, How can we forget?

4, this story is how people can not make me moved to tears then?

5, do not work, even the trees do not keep flowers alive, Is not this the truth?

6, the beautiful Hong Kong Is not a dazzling pearl?

7, as a student how non-compliance with school rules and regulations do?

8, his study hard and assiduously spirit, not worthy of our study?

9, the dictionary is not exactly our friend?

10, this matter is how can we not people happy?

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