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How to practice hitting ability and anti-throw capability? Thank you, that

fevath72010-03-07 12:11:25 +0000 #1
sometimes play with his classmates, playing about as able to come up front and back of gas-like, or throw about like a lost sense of visceral style and should be trained how to fight and anti-throw ability to fight ah? Today, the beginning of training, that is, a little bit of muscle tension to let others play, as well as in bed and then jumped down after carrying land a little bit of practice you can do so? Way, right? Trouble
ho will Cao Bao2010-03-07 12:15:48 +0000 #2
you did not work, your muscle strength is not up, so playing only give your body harm. Muscle training should first up, doing the push-ups and thought dumbbells, exercises stretch the muscles after the note, so do not let your muscles into a dead muscle, muscle death is not the same as playing against. See Lou Zhu said such a situation, your physique to much ah, it should be a high school student bar. Now their training muscles, not as good as the race, running, playing ball or something, in the 18 to 24 years old, is your best time to enhance muscle strength, and now may be a bit early for you
porridge _______2010-03-07 12:59:22 +0000 #3
you Ha Ha Ha Ha LZ That is to fight against the so-called self-mutilation is a practice very Abdominal muscle rigidity enhanced multi-pectoral



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