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Judo, taekwondo, karate in the absence into the segment in order to level the former is not to disti

yifeng1152272010-03-07 20:10:31 +0000 #1
For example judo before the entry segment is divided into five, 1-3 with brown, 4-5 white, non-beginners level is a dark blue belt by the department.

Into the segment, the early stage -5 Section ,6-8 as black as a red and white two-color ,9-10 segment is red.
haiying092010-03-07 20:14:08 +0000 #2
difference between the level of Tae Kwon Do belt, mainly from point of view:

10 for the leucorrhea: that blank, there is no knowledge of Taekwondo, which means entry phase.

9 is extremely leucorrhea plus yellow bar

8 for the yellow band: that the earth, the earth sprout vegetation, which means learning the basic stage.

7 for the yellow band and green bars

6 for the green belt: that vegetation, growing green vegetation, which means stage of technological progress.

5 for the green belt plus blue bar

4 for the Blue Ribbon: that blue sky, grass and trees thrive toward the blue sky, which means the progress to achieve a very high stage.

3 for the Blue Ribbon plus red bars

2 for the red tape: that danger, already have considerable power, which means self-denial, and warned opponents not to close.

A red belt with black bars


is estimated that only understand the same is true of other
no wind, with sails2010-03-07 20:42:31 +0000 #3
Yes. . Taekwondo on and above, who said the same, but different Road Museum are not the same, some are between the ribbons, such as green blue, red and black, there are many schools of karate, there is a slight difference between the different schools, but before paragraph into are based on class to distinguish, only the color at different levels for each genre are not quite the same, but 1-3 mostly tea belt. . Into the paragraph, are also black belt, Dan is also the highest individual organizations, said red tape, but few



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