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Taekwondo career - abuse

Love snow catch on2010-03-07 23:11:13 +0000 #1
I damned hard ..- practicing taekwondo. I have every day of actual combat (yellow belt), but still there is time to fight with the coach .. I am almost fainted - that coaches play faster, I vomit. . a good coach, nausea ah - to you referring to the next process: I told the coach to play, he is a man, very handsome, very young. (I man ah). We gracefully fighting posture - I did not react, he was a fist hit my stomach, I paralyzed on the ground - he added: "Do not do that ah - too weak a -." I curse in my heart: "nonsense, you come to a yellow band to try." Then I am reluctant to get up, just want to kick the past, he rushed around, cling to me, and I waves of cold sweat .. and then he lifted me - that great strength coach ah .. I was holding. right next to my practiced smile Xiusi the ... uh, that coach a nerve, then give me lifted to his face before. said that you are weak, ah, you are miserable in the. . Scared me stunned gone faster .. uh - finished. . That coach also do not know why the young have so much strength, lifted me fell to the ground, uh ah - really hurt. I just barely get up and hub out, he seemingly would Mirage - rushed in front of me: "If you want to die." Uh! I went numb .. that coach Haohen too - again, I threw on the ground and raised, but also called the next people to come to beat me - 555555, I can not move it - not even a 5-year-old child came to abuse me leucorrhea .. 5555555555555 do not live. I was now a dead man lying in the same coach look at me .. then get up, and I am back on the hammer while pounding the side also said: "serves them right - he loved to run." said talked to me again tomorrow afternoon to play .... God - we have nothing against the coach's move? (Or effective)? (Low back pain) I have 16 years of age -

BoriCz2010-03-07 23:22:04 +0000 #2
to Louzhu of repair for the fastest shortcut can only be practiced from the palace of the holy canon



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