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6.41161 million2010-03-08 05:11:34 +0000 #1
I would like to ask, Bruce Lee, the pursuit of fast, then the tai chi style and no substance to those, I really want a faster fist come, and to reflect, but also what means to resolve 呀? ?

Taijiquan flaunt of power, but I would like to ask a Han dynasty with the clutch of your clothes, how do you edge? ?

I am a layman to ask is also very simple and obvious, I think you help me to explain to explain
Town, State military counselor2010-03-08 05:23:40 +0000 #2
I personally think that tai chi as you know only the slow training of boxing, there are fast train in boxing, such as the Chen Style Taijiquan Old Frame Road (also known as hammer gun rack) is the Fighter of routines, practicing Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan, one of the major wire wrapped around the core of practicing Jin (screw winding, this fresh like a gourd doll in the tie Article 3 baby a belt) to resolve each other's enthusiasm. On the other hand, no matter Which practicing tai chi, are each a unique combination of fresh law is ultimately reaches adhesion to stick with in order to subdue. To achieve this state will take 10 years to follow the master in order to learn science. For a Han dynasty with the clutch your clothes, you can go look at the online method of capturing Taijiquan you know how to resolved. -BXFRc /

The reason why you think that Tai Chi Chuan is a style and no substance, I think it is You encounter people who practice tai chi either get money, and either mediocrity, to Budongzhuangdong, or that you have not recognized the value of tai chi.
19939298142010-03-08 05:18:46 +0000 #3
hit his hand
listen to the Star of friendship2010-03-08 05:28:54 +0000 #4
Tai Chi practicing slowly, use does not necessarily slow, slow train is intended to receive gas, with the intention that when the gas that practicing tai chi to a certain extent there is a lot of reaction of the body-point , in dealing stick to what point, and the corresponding stick with stick with the defused. Han caught by clothes, do not need to resolve because the Taijiquan capturing a very powerful, to say the close fight is the strength of Taijiquan 呀
zero where the customer2010-03-08 05:44:35 +0000 #5
Now Taijiquan has finished will lose combat capabilities, the old man the old practice my wife just to practice it as aerobics, and their purpose was merely exercising only.

I he took practiced tai chi, but according to my teacher talk about the real Tai Chi Chuan is faster fist, when the fast train, playing a faster time, but spread to now, almost no one can use Tai Chi for fighting, and everyone just as a kind of elderly Tai Chi Chuan exercise, exercise only.

The world martial arts is not only fast break, the real must for all martial arts combat lightning-fast.
bkhgbllk2010-03-08 07:04:40 +0000 #6
Tai Chi is in fact not used to fighting real combat

exercise his main aim is to raise people's "physical" and "spiritual cultivation"

It is an internal strength can also be said to be fit and healthy gymnastics

its unique style of to Lianfa not only improved the quality of the human body also improves people's spiritual world

many people are very confused right Taijiquan, which is normal, put most of television are false

Tai Chi with the online games is that it is not a Daguai the skills, but after the upgrade agility. what kind of add a little strength

Taijiquan advertised principle of force is instantaneous force and in vivo by many years of hard training and the resulting "gas" plus some of the principles of mechanics

Archimedes What is Tai Chi does not say give me a fulcrum, I was able leveraging the Earth

It is also important to note mechanics


Bruce Lee, Daddy is a tai chi master, Bruce Lee is also a small physical before practicing Tai Chi is slowly getting better, although the But later, to run a fitness change. Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

There are yin and yang diagram, saying that white or that map to the yin and yang, Tai Chi



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