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Chinese Kung Fu powerful bar, the world's top events do not see why the shadow of the Chinese people

FerrariAurea2010-03-08 06:10:16 +0000 #1
Chinese martial arts legend Bruce Lee, there is the real version of Bruce Lee has the world's second Mody, than on the world's top competition than what Sanda King 1:00 are not good-looking, Liu Hailong could not take Tyson's punch
attackwc2010-03-08 06:25:49 +0000 #2
Chinese sports of wrestling ring until many years ah, 30 years do not have it, now more than a mid-life switch Sanda athlete's. Many years abroad, it? Mass base tall ah, you did not see a pick a lot of foreign Olympic athletes, ah? Have you ever been abroad, the Olympics have to count how many champion amateur athletes, ah, resting Zanzhe who can not eat money to buy a house ah, well-being matter sorted out the conditions that they compare? Still have Xiangong Fu professional training? Levels even if there is not going to the United States to play games ah, but not be able to ride a bus, return air ticket, pre-season training, the participating application, do you give a visa to solve ah? That they have the economic strength of the wealthy to pay silly people who still earn bonuses K ah? Chinese people can not see the shadow of you are happy ah? Has the ability of your efforts ah, if you should eat pure trouble Franc tournament laughed.
Farmer to see reincarnation2010-03-08 06:26:49 +0000 #3
upstairs to say a little extreme.

Kung Fu how should I say! Blowing too much, like Shaolin or something.

True martial arts is still very powerful, but rare, and only the true life and death fighting

you can see the effort of the powerful, but really, who would be martial arts all likelihood

are yin people, are too dark

such as Wing Chun said it, you see the movie Donnie Yen playing very handsome, and parry counterattack quickly.

But you note that he plays the part of it? One shot is that he grabbed the others face,

that if the real fight, eyeball came out, there are a few shots hit the throat of that, I dare say that

should really desperate, they will not use palm, but the direct use of means. Yijizhiming.

The so-called boxing not as good as palm, palm better than that. The smaller of attack and hurt the bigger Everybody knows this truth.

But you think about when you a punch in the past, people did not file file, but rather refers to a stamp in your eyes, throat, or the more overcast the site. Shuidao Mei you say?

Thai people say that with a elbow sleeve, knee sleeve, is the rule unfair. Hehe what would happen if picked glove. I think the Thai people understand that they respect a great deal of



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