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Xing Yi Quan Ming Jin What ah?

zxlhzzj2010-03-08 08:10:54 +0000 #1
What is the exchange Jin ah? What are characteristics for Jin? Tempered-Ming Jin, what features? How I just started practicing sometimes attention to the hands, the palms will feel a little fever (his feelings)!

By the way, just stop three-body is, how his right leg always shiver? If this persist well Mody?
jiancangfeng2010-03-08 08:21:09 +0000 #2
Our door-shaped Italian Ming Jin, also known as Yang Jing, with its strong skill-based, comprehensive and hair, in order to reminders air force, in order to force reminders sound, sound Zhuang Qi-wei, beaten into violence , such as the off-bore of the shells hit opponent's characteristics; for fresh, that is, movement of the stiff Apart from beginners force, clumsy force, brute force, all one's strength, and switch to boxing school into the needs of disk Jin, listening to Jin, spiral force and so on; you practice mentioned in the feeling that Zhan Zhuang non-standard responses, you should re-adjust, Baidu videos, tutorials, a lot, you have to try to figure out, conscientiously study!
-Shaped Italian Doors jiancangfeng
dignified Zhang Fearless2010-03-08 08:55:00 +0000 #3
ideas focus will be fever, is normal, legs trembled looking for a balance of muscle, (less than leg muscle strength) is also a normal

Ming Jin-Ming Jin, namely, boxing is also the bold. Easy to bone, that is practicing refined gas, easy way bones are. Due to the innate physical gas and

acquired the gas was not systematic, physical fitness will not be strong, so invented their way. Big mere mortals birth, sex non-poor, body are all the healthy root

are all solid, purely a priori. Later, knowledge, an open spirit awakened a close, has not tally, the yin and yang do not pay, are both acquired

blood-gas in power, so the prevalence of blood gas, upright weak, so the body can not be robust bones. Therefore, Dharma Master Chuan-Xi-Yi

tendons washing pulp under the two classics, learning them with stronger person physically, but also their true colors of people's birth. After the Song Dynasty, Wang Yue Wumu expansion of 2

The meaning, as the 3 by: Yi bone, Yi Jin, pulp washing also. Also made by the three martial arts, invented by the reasoning used in this
. Boxing by saying: "quiet as a body, moving as a role", and the ancient five birds, eight out of Lianfa has a different body without the users carry on
. There are infinite due to boxing's Magical, so first, easy bone, Yi Jin, washing pulp, blend of yin and yang, hard & soft note of, silent no

smelly, empty of all well-informed. Therefore, well-informed of all its emptiness, Fang deified ominous Magical. So therefore

is inside and outside the boxing together, and a source of dynamic and static, with a body, so quiet for the body, moving to the role. A result of man-made one small piece of
, are all reasons coincide with the Heaven and Earth, but is the yin and yang, heaven and earth changes Jieyou more. Only one person compared with heaven and earth reasons

Hopewell, physical weakness, just go against the gas, would it not be easy or Down? Therefore, more of the Road, the weak strength of easy, supple and are easy to Zhigang,

Paradox are easy to sum. So, after three persons, all are agents of change who's temperament, in order to resume its initial also. Yi bone who is boxing in the next

strong, and training is also refined air of the Road. Scattered in the physical atmosphere, and incorporated in the pubic region within, impartial, and without being
, with the scale of 9 to exercise and practice As for the six-Yang Chun-chuen, energetic matter to that in the upper and lower punches connected, hand-foot-phase Gu,

inside and outside like a. At this point, fist-ming Jin's power to make, easy-Bone Jin-quan, qi gong training is also refined Bi Yi.



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