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With regard to the issue of bodyguards. .

198,372,0282010-03-08 16:11:39 +0000 #1
Since X kinds of reasons, I think of a professional bodyguard company looking for a bodyguard, because the first contact, there is a problem, do not quite understand,

bodyguard company that he said, a bodyguard minimum 4800 yuan a month, according to the number of days, Otsuka said , He was referring to what, I am not SB ah, I just want to ask it more clearly, I am always very careful to do things carefully, for example, I recruited a bodyguard, he was to protect me a month, 30 days, followed me every day to 30 days later, I can give him one month's wages ah, or, say, a month, I have 15 days to go abroad for fun, and an additional 15 days, he followed me to protect me every day to a month, I give him one month's wages ah ,
only electric2010-03-08 16:26:13 +0000 #2
people no matter what is on a monthly basis to pay! For example you are looking for a bodyguard of the other side wants you to pay 5,000 yuan a 24-hour protection. You have to set an initial salary. This month, 24 hours every day, people follow you.

If you go abroad people followed suit, if you do not let a month also have to follow the money for others.

You mainly to ask the protection of a month, how many hours a day trip.

In addition to offend anyone of you not do to the field to hide a bar to hide. After learning something about self-defense bar. Apply online, or not work ah.

I am a martial arts instructor Sanda curator. Is no way that we do not have a bodyguard. You look for bar bodyguards around the company. I really wanted to set up this one training bodyguards. To see how you need to have this intention.



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