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I ask you: how to train inverted?

Aurora subjects2010-03-08 18:11:48 +0000 #1
I have been able to enact up against the wall, it is easy, but not the wall has not do not get up was a direct turn longer. Is the waist strength enough reason? Need to do sit-ups do? How long will it be able to walk it reaches handstand?
◣ █ Fei Yang ▓ Asia2010-03-08 18:18:50 +0000 #2
Yao Li is not enough and thought they have to do sit-ups under the waist of my two weeks would be able to walk 5 meters or so of the wish you every success
the Mountains, Water2010-03-08 18:48:24 +0000 #3
= = After the wall can play ..... ...

Do not worry you a foot .... uh .. how to say ..

is on the wall light point, let the body slightly off the wall .. and then use your fingers and shoulders can do control the body balance the role of which may be repeated until the practice can be broadly .. time to leave the wall to the open space in the practice ```

practice this stuff you can not utilitarian = = ... want to play the same as `` will be `` would be very difficult to play every day accomplishments to be patient .. ..

Finally - - `` I wish you every success = =....



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