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I want to study Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan at home and self-learning

tcvvv01232010-03-08 19:10:04 +0000 #1
My 17-year-old is now summer vacation is a student, I want to study Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan at home and school to school to learn without affecting the purpose of the two first would like to know the Chinese Wushu The second is to keep fit and healthy and self-defense people say Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Chuan is right for me I have heard of that decade, but I do not go out because I am determined this person is still very strong so please tell me how to practicing Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan
write sub Achang2010-03-08 19:18:13 +0000 #2
First of all to congratulate you, as you can of the motherland's traditional culture curiosity agree! Is now one of the few young people want to learn tai chi. We always thought that Tai Chi Chuan is a sense of the elderly exclusive, in fact not the case, breakdown, or trained out of tai chi kung fu masters who are starting from a young age.

Quan Li, "Introduction to lead the way to be dictated, kung fu self-study interest-free law," that is, entering the temple need to have a Tai Chi Masters (see the master) of the approach ramps. Because of preconceived, the first impression is very important.

Able to do so, or suggest you go to look for a Masters, we should want to do, there is always a way. I was using vacation time to learn boxing, and usually spare their own practice. Faster than that on her own. There is lots of practice martial arts, not to tell you. "Master, self-cultivation in the individual."

If you want to practice at home, I suggest you first buy the books, take a look at boxing boxing reasons, do first understanding; Second, you can practice very basic skills, such as Zhan Zhuang. Practicing relaxation. And so on can have the opportunity to learn a routine.

"Jhonggua get melons, 种 豆 得 豆." That want to train a good outcome, you need to clarify the source Qingliu; if casually and thought, it had nothing to say, "Tai Chi exercises" can be seen everywhere. "Seeking those plethora Road, enlightenment are few and far between."

Added: "Tai Chi decade, to go out" is an exaggeration to say, you can be understood as "潜龙勿用."
Above Oncidium2010-03-08 19:32:52 +0000 #3
self-study can also be, but you must understand that part of the basic essentials, and miscellaneous and.
guazi1112010-03-08 20:18:54 +0000 #4
not a good teacher to teach, then had to learn a simplified tai chi physical fitness fills self-defense null and void, might as well practice very Sanda
lameng8882010-03-08 19:57:47 +0000 #5
find a teacher can tell, do their own learning. You will excel at Mo Yu Chen Taijiquan's.
15,066,199,1582010-03-08 19:51:28 +0000 #6
Learn Tai Chi Chuan, as self-defense if it is, then we recommend that you still find a good teacher, because the real need to strengthen my tai chi basics, including the waist crotch power, single, hands circle, as well as some other static stance. To increase muscle scissors and physical flexibility, and to practice push hands frequently, to exercise the degree of sensitivity to the power of direction to improve their response capabilities, so as to achieve Taijiquan unload force, leveraging the power of post-rock of the art of attack and issued effect.

Because tai chi which includes capturing, joint techniques, wrestling, play. (That is, tai chi included: archery, Lue, squeeze, press, mining, Lie, elbow, rely on. Eight major techniques).

These basic skills are not looked at the disc and the book will be able to learn well, and must have a reasonable person to understand boxing guidance. And the process of practicing the basics are not only very boring but very difficult situation. Must adhere to.

If you can insist that ordinary people like ourselves and master the basic skills on the decade that did not go out without much difficulty. And certainly not into the Tai Chi Chuan is a slow, playing out of the boxing is magnificent. Taijiquan for combat action in a time when very small, require footwork, power moves and hair are very fast.

If only practice their moves frame, do not practice the basics, and some elderly persons can only exercise the same as practicing Tai Chi exercises are more for young people to feel useless Taijiquan. And tai chi movements, if there are deviations to make exaggerated incompatible with the physiological structure of the action when the body is no good. Traditional Chinese martial arts exercises, the basics are very boring and difficult process, but also bear fruit slowly, which is why the traditional Chinese martial arts can not flourish in one of the main. However, the traditional Chinese boxing dependents.

In addition I am also a 17-year-old school boxing, this year 22, because the reasons for study and work could not always adhere to and practice their moves, but now actual combat, while not great, but better than before, more than physical fitness. If you insist on not feeling down, he can learn Wing Chun, bear fruit faster than the tai chi.

To leave you a boxing Web site can go up look at some reasons:

My QQ is 692,357,151. Are interested in, then you can exchange knowledge about the theory of tai chi.
Fashion Wardrobe 22010-03-08 21:39:29 +0000 #7
Tai Chi Chuan is in fact not suitable for young people, training,,,, is mainly self-cultivation. Chinese martial arts are many, Wing Chun is not bad. Not only health, but also self-defense. . .

In the elderly to practice Tai Chi can also be, that is too stuffy.



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