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How to self-taught martial arts

Knowledge and wisdom of those who2010-03-09 03:11:48 +0000 #1
martial arts how to self-taught, 18 years old.
Lam Jing2010-03-09 03:13:50 +0000 #2
your question ... I tried to answer some hard to look at

First of all, conanjonse friend's answer is the best. Although concise, but telling the truth.

I am just all right, by you this place, let's chat.

Let's sub-steps it, so some of rationality.

First: I feel like I want to clear one's own nature, martial arts is a very tedious and boring exercise, unless he is a strong love for, otherwise difficult to insist that life in the martial arts of your perseverance, if you are not spur of the moment, and there are self-confidence and desire to learn it, then we the next step.

Second: Menpai types of martial arts are more styles are not the same, but the purpose is the same, so we kind of martial arts when in the selection, taking into account their strengths and what their own good, there is good at boxing's Men Pai, Law Menpai have good legs, but also known Menpai palm France, there are good shenfa and footwork, then we will think, I might be practicing that, at present, I consider myself a more coordinated where some more.

Third: Any Menpai the basics are the same, the so-called basic skills is not Zama-step approach, and so stupid, so will only damage your knees, no benefits. Basic Skills refers to the sense of Shun Shun together, popular point is the coordination of + power. Then we need to draw some basic exercises to practice coordination, hand-eye co-operation between the body step, one move a static, one to open a combination, it is appearance, but also internal coordination, but also the coordination of mind mentality.

Fourth: Now we need a teacher, and no teacher, we can not enter the door to martial arts, how to find a good teacher does, and the same way as traditional Chinese medicine, "look, smell, and asked, cutting," "Hope" is the concept, the teacher's fist trip to see the child is not neat, JEN is abundant, hard & soft economy is similar, with or without actual situation changes, etc., which are able to be seen, the fist times there is a great relationship between words and, as calligraphy, the public is not correct, and write must also askew haphazard. Followed by "smell" is to listen, listen to other people how to evaluate the teacher, listening to apprentice how to assess their own master, from the side of understanding, good teachers, there is Wude open-minded teacher, has never said he was ill of others, listen to other people evaluation of the time, it is necessary to observe other people's eyes, is not to be identified said the truth, is not child care. Now say "ask", you can take some of his confused things, not just martial arts, anything can, ask the teacher, reaches a certain state, martial arts, all kinds of academic research is interlinked, martial arts is a philosophical category, you can solve all problems If he can answer your question, this is a good teacher, good teacher, and never to retain their own what they have learned, only the general level of teacher Caidui own technology and experience to keep unwilling to tell others, but also that "I'm afraid Biography wrong person," and so on, martial arts to kill, but also save lives, weapons, does not have good and bad, good and evil only by the people, so have learned is that to say. Then the final one is "cut" is not a narrow cut that played against a teacher can touch the bones, there are several places to be tangible, it is necessary to shake hands with deep internal force people to shake hands with subtle feeling heavy but not high-handed, feeling Wenruan comfortable. The second is to touch shoulders, martial arts, strength of the people, shoulders into the circle, there is a tendency linger shoulder, you can refer to the Late Qing and Republican martial arts master, look at their shoulders, they will understand. Third, we should touch lumbar, waist should be slightly raised a bunch of meat, internal force folded in here, fresh out of the whole, there is no waist that is impossible. 4 is a touch lower leg, calf muscles and promote short, melted. This shows that internal forces have been loose and thoroughly to achieve realm. The above points, even if deliberately camouflage, camouflage is not live, so the level of a person's martial arts, boxing is not necessarily to see, shake hands at once glance that. Of course, there are many ways that he could not be detailed here, and write no less than.

Fifth: Congratulations to you now, you finally found a teacher, which is a milestone, bearing in mind his life. Rivers and lakes are Huaer "believers products division for three years, it would only products division is also three years" to find a good teacher is difficult, more difficult to kowtow apprentice. In any case, you now finally have a teacher, and Congratulations, then we come to the next step, learning the basics of this sects.

6th: Each Menpai are consistent with its style, basic skills, basic skills Qianwanqianwan not forget that the sects are in essence the basic skills, the more clever tricks is not profound and multi-Gong. Must learn the basics in place, but must persist in his life, even if they do not practice routines, and basic skills must not be lost, routines lost, art of attack and lost, as long as basic skills Meidiu, 2023 will be able to come back, if the basic skills lost, and lifetime will never come back.

Seventh: Practice, practice under the nose of the basic skills to be a teacher, if he exercises, most in private practice for two days, and then have to find a teacher to be corrected, basic skills as a child, you never mind him, he would learn to curse and learn to steal , because he has his own ideas. Basic skills, too, practicing with the practice, they have insights, and think that this on its own method of training, which, under the wrong, once the setting is difficult to correct, so the teacher must be allowed to watch practice, see (soon as) boxing, watching boxing, the resulting. Not only the basics, in the future what they have learned all the skills teachers should be looked at.

8th: Well, now is also practiced boxing, and are down to do? To enlightenment. Enlightenment refers to two aspects, one realized that, that is, practice their moves for a long time, the body there was a reaction and act to become agile, flexible use of boxing, do not do a number of previous moves and so on, which is realized, the body realized that the movement of the know-how, of course, this is an inevitable stage it is not difficult, we now need to learn a more difficult - and insight, which is internal, that is thought, from now on, your not allowed to narrow-minded thinking, take any things have come to the dialectical martial arts, from the universe, the planet changes, from the bicycle pedal board, be able to appreciate the truth to the martial arts, or "poor to nature and reason", find the necessity to justify it, while also strong skepticism, teachers have to say, , right? I was trained right, I thought right, if not, why not and so on. To comprehend worldly reason, so to speak, you are how deep social cognition, your accomplishments will be able to how deep the martial arts.

We inserted a bicycle pedal and martial arts example, with this example to talk about what is really comprehend.

We often practice their moves, I am familiar with the fist of the routines, but when the enemy became frantic, and what they have learned of no use, and moves no continuity, if we close our eyes to be a front of an imaginary enemy in their own, then we are out of move freely, chic and lose Fadu, why do we meet the real enemy has failed to do? One day I saw a pedal board, when we ride a bicycle when the left foot turn the pedal, never thought, I now finished the left foot pedal, and then not need to change the right foot pedal, it can be seen that around is a natural and OK, without thinking, then we should like to walk normally punching out End Zuoquan they can, whether defensive or break piece-meal approach, that was right You Quan, natural and rows, alternating changes in the boxing training for a natural, without thinking on it. - This is the "beat such as walking" in an embryonic form of the fist reaches nature, endless enemies enemy.

9th: So we are now thinking of, but also practice, then we have to ideas, expertise and Qiecuo is to improve the fighting hand to hand skills as an important way to experience the body and limbs of the collision reaction experience, understand the relative velocity, improve coordination and knee-jerk reaction capability, Qiecuo best to find the same door, the same exercises to help improve the gate martial arts, over time, skill mastery with other Menpai ideas, expertise and exchange of skills, the old Hua Er stresses "route through friends" . Here we must open a mind, we are ideas, expertise is not a death-defying, winning or losing is not important, the key to see their own shortcomings, if their best in the world that it simply is not ideas, expertise and so are, Qiecuo enough away to find that Ben Zhao, and we should lose, lose do not see any face, so as to completely realize themselves, to see themselves, Qiecuo did not win, it is best draw, if you really stronger than others, should be lenient, tied with each other each other it wants to . There is a concept Qiecuo and fighting hand to hand are two different things, Qiecuo the exchange of techniques and fighting hand to hand is to seize a one-year profit, so the old Huaeryouyun "friends are not fighting hand to hand, fighting hand to hand without friends"

10th: Now that you have a real sent, but also his deep insight sects skills, then we should own practice, and physical exercise is one aspect, we have to practice the next horizon, the collection of old boxing spectrum of its various factions of the power law analysis, to find a different last find the same to see what areas are interlinked, the ancients realized that what our own insight into what is now, this power law, why do good? Why not? And so on and so forth. (Martial art which was not necessarily a good thing, some of boxing in the specific historical conditions, in order to create the military war, which would require a subsequent cognition itself.)

11th: This is the last step again, and we have to grasp Martial Arts the essence of play down his faded, desires, combative martial arts category is only 1 / 10 fills just as mathematics is an area in which the linear geometry is only one of its integral part. We can not cart before the horse, art of attack and can not pursue, but not deliberately seeking, martial arts trained in the body, manifested as mentality, open-minded mentality, not competing with them, not compete with already, all with natural. Heaven and Earth is already in mind, what debris stitch hearts?

When people hit you, yells at you, you can be the calm This is the realm of martial arts high (not highest)

Well, basically the general to say that generally these, I hope you can practice hard, do not neglect . Wushu is a good thing, but it is not easy, There is a saying, "Patriarch left really ingenious, 10000 2 gold is not with others"

martial arts which you will meet a variety of things, the most important is the heart demons, such as irritability, restless always wanted to stand up and fight a set of boxing, this is a bad road, there are hot-tempered on the ignition, love boasting, etc., are all my demons and nuisance, you have to overcome every one of his apprehensions on the growth of a sub, of course, magic does not mind so easy to overcome, so often up at night thinking of an issue often hovering around the edge of a smoke and mirrors, so-called beyond the self, that is, overcome my demons.

Good practice, I hope you in the future achievements of the party cause, in order to open up new era of martial arts, I just force on behalf of the Association, private parties who bless you! Refueling bar! (Do not look the teaching CD-ROM)

(points you do not need me to conanjonse it, he said was right, but too concise, and than I am lazy, ha ha.)
********** ************************************************** *********

With regard to your supplement:

There is a very simple way.

First: find the local Wushu Association Web site, and to join for the user.

Second: go to Wushu Association, the applicant membership card, check local Menpai message.

Third: according to their own interests, according to the address provided to personal audience with the teacher.

4th: People do not charge you income, ha ha, then I say bad, only your own hard work.

With regard to price:

good teachers, their apprenticeship are numerous, therefore, in general, the couple did not collect the money, followed by training, there are two factors, first, many students, utilities for the time being round is not to you. Second period the teacher should also examine whether you really Xue-Wu, is not martial arts material.

Some swindlers, has focused exclusively on this to make money the first day let Jiaoqian that Takeyuki eat, in order to run the case of correspondence to deceive the student.

On the whole, a really good teacher, simply does not make money, unless it difficult to maintain their livelihood. If you are a martial may be made of the material, the teacher will be Pan raises you, you do not have to spend money.
Forget instead of making cloth2010-03-09 03:35:33 +0000 #3
Chinese traditional martial arts is not a simple self-learning can be achieved, self-study, even if the learned Yizhaobanshi, but not the guidance of professional teachers is still very easy to take the crooked road. You can look at some more self-teaching videos, capturing the class or school, can be used for actual combat.
lizhecheng2010-03-09 03:24:03 +0000 #4
It depends on what you learn in martial arts. Is routine. Is real. Chinese martial arts, combat is Sanda!

These things I recommend, or take a look at online teaching video. Relatively straightforward and understandable. If someone has studied martial arts have to find a master craftsman within the home. Because these things go is not about two meridians, under the Institute!
conanjonse2010-03-09 04:10:57 +0000 #5
self-study can, but it is best to find a teacher, learn, and learn are two different things, find the master key is required repair boxing.
Happy Heart Core2010-03-09 05:25:09 +0000 #6
self-study can, but it is best to find a teacher, learn, and learn are two different things, find the master key is required repair boxing. Is real. Chinese Wushu Sanda is real is real.
N and more meat2010-03-09 03:56:54 +0000 #7
For practicing this feature, it is necessary only for entertainment since the Palace --------
Exile off Fan Chen2010-03-09 06:24:25 +0000 #8
his practice primarily at home and practice basic skills, like Zama step, flexibility, etc.



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