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Tower ditch Wu school year with room and board if the amount of money plus learn taekwondo? And afte

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The specialty is an Olympic sport for a school to focus on the professional set up one of the key learning basic skills of taekwondo, combat skills and self-defense self-defense techniques, and learn the traditional routines of Shaolin, 1920 yuan per year tuition, fees 600 yuan (including management fees, insurance, accommodation, utilities), a total of 2520 yuan.

2009 Tower ditch Wu school participate in the national single-stroke test scores gratifying

2009 Tower ditch Wu school applicants nationwide in major sports schools examination results gratifying single stroke. To participate in a single unified national examinations recruit 142 candidates were registered for the "Beijing University of Physical Education", "Wu School of Physical Education", "Shanghai Institute of Physical Education", "Chengdu Institute of Physical Education" and other 19 higher sports schools. At present the major sports institutions, admission notice is being sent to our school after another. The current 42 candidates were "Beijing University of Physical Education", "Shenyang Institute of Physical Education" and 12 admitted to university, other tertiary institutions will be mailed an admission notice from the near future. A conservative estimate, a single recruit in this year's national unified examination for more than 78% acceptance ratio.



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