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I am a red belt in Tae Kwon Do students, ligaments No, No real afraid of the basic game can be leg c

08274433652010-03-09 04:10:10 +0000 #1

sdr01182010-03-09 04:18:07 +0000 #2
Your ligaments No, legs, France pass it how?

So with you Well, if you ligaments not work, they do more warm-up exercise and then lay the ligaments, so that pairs of legs, France also helped.

Also, you say real scared, in fact, it is heart problems, you afraid of not work. Play do not know how to play, very nervous, so if you put positive attitude, multi-play combat with strangers, and so when you play with strangers when the real thinking how you can step by step, in what ways, when he was knocked down Your mental qualities on basic clearance 啦. That time, the contest would not say that dares not move on to the scene, there is real even if you usually play a good game is not necessarily OK, because how to say race is also a pressure, so the first time everyone is afraid of competition, and slowly you would not have a 啦.
Strange 0 Kazuya2010-03-09 04:36:49 +0000 #3
more and coaches, teammates practice combat and overcome the psychological barriers enough.
Man Mandarin 02010-03-09 05:22:00 +0000 #4
I am a black belt in paragraph 2 students, ligament as long as you pull every day, often practicing moves, bold moves to make out, the old do. The most important thing is to have self-confidence.
Fish will play wave2010-03-09 04:48:54 +0000 #5
all is to break out, the actual combat, experience, consciousness, the reaction is very important, consciousness can be born, but the reactions and experiences to be only in the exercise and improved.

To give you suggestions: one, find your coach and let him help you arrange to get experienced opponents or their own teammates.

2, ligament not, then give up some of the ligaments that require high leg method.

3, Enhancing cross-kick around, the former play, if there is capacity to Enhancing Flying. Strengthen the legs out of the speed and power.

4, the brace must take real good, bring along. In particular, care crotch, I have a Shige is felt and thought teammates play, so do not take care crotch. A note by another Shige did not play well before the kick, Egg kick the bad one.

5, ligaments is very important, normal, or thought they should be more, not painlessly. Think you, if the ligament OK, legs Act clearance, then. . . . . .



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