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Sanda step novice ask questions? Urgent!

wh199110012010-03-09 11:11:31 +0000 #1
Sanda had just learned, is to learn martial arts in the city. Sanda coach taught footwork, fighting style. Asked to weigh feet toes. Flush with front and rear foot toe!

I, I feel these things to people stood tiptoe instability, how to maintain control of the body center of gravity in the center? There is ah, I feel uncomfortable out of Zuo Quan.

Ask everyone how to overcome these problems started? Maybe I am more anxious, but I still want to know there is no good training method?

Jiqiu everyone's views and all the original practice experience? Thank you
isasdccf2010-03-09 11:13:36 +0000 #2
I want to correct the above to say. . . Your coach said the right thing (you may use the wrong word, and not weigh toes), not just the rear foot Dianqi! The correct real stations, it should be before the feet touch the ground, his legs heels to bring! Rear foot and front foot should be staggered a little distance (can not stand as "a" line), knees bent, the center kept between his legs, that is, the Department of the following files (only actual stations yo), let the body relax, try to keep in a ready Force can issue the state! Left out of the plenary session awkward! You should not "turn waist," the reason most likely to commit the fault of beginners is to rely on the strength of his arm to send forward boxing, and no use of lumbar! (Do not feel you turn your waist, let other people see you, "turn waist").

Appears these are normal! Well because you are just learning. After such a period of time you practice, you'll find the original to the vexed question, have become a natural! ! What is there is a process! Is not it? . . Persist in the end, you can succeed! ! ! (Also, to tell you! Martial arts is not a lot of students? Your coaches can not take care of each of them is in place! Have any questions, what do not understand! Should take the initiative to ask, Do not be afraid loss of face.. Coaches do not ask you Han understand, you are an honest answer, do not stretch face! Stretch your face will lead to a solid foundation, do not! practice Sanda, foundation, too important. I did not play because the basis of solid, result in difficulties in the areas of higher impact!!! ! Remember, do not understand the question. Also, just because once, two times the failure of air-base, do not because you can not beat someone else to give up, but afraid to fight.... as long as you work hard, and there were more than opponents One day !!!!! In addition, the combat is particularly important, it is estimated there will not be too many martial arts combat... Remember, No matter how skilled the re-shooting to play beautiful, real no, that is, rookie! Do not let every real !!!!!!) brackets is just my personal experience that there are proposals in the hope of your help!
Later later2010-03-09 11:22:40 +0000 #3
First of all, are not used to have a novice stage, you say awkward, very normal passage of time would be better. Practice makes perfect do.

Do not worry, take your time, there is no shortcut thing, you only have to coach every day to teach what Lianshu on the line, listening to the coach is the best approach.

You coach certainly does not tell you two feet, toes all point up.

Hold fighting style when the handle position put away, Hing Wah Street West toes up behind that. Is correct.

Certainly not two feet toes all point up. In that case, no one would stand firmly ah.

Still more to ask the coach how to do that, I can help you just a theoretical thing, because I can not see you do the action.

Do not be discouraged, Sanda out the results quickly. To it, a few months later you will understand what,,
liangmh772010-03-09 12:33:01 +0000 #4
normal exercise more rope skipping, 100 / time, a few times, walking the attention of interested in the pace
grswz2010-03-09 11:48:58 +0000 #5
ground exercises, you will line
attackwc2010-03-09 13:34:10 +0000 #6
City Martial Arts Museum of the way to teach you? General Sanda fighting style is just rear foot heel slightly raised, if you have raised two feet, then starting a beat to maintain a balance, otherwise it steps on the station are more than two feet touch the ground also died, so that is a purely Zhaochou type

it should not be flush tiptoe around the feet, should be forefoot and rear foot heel and the toe in front of a straight line before, according to your position that the pace of defense of this very full, but it is easy to center of gravity, in particular a way of escape When boxing out will be the special twisted legs, pre-move big adjustment for longer

According to this style of teaching, city hall would invite the martial arts instructor may not be completely responsible, but having said that, since it is city of martial arts, but also could be improved for Sanda, had they not entered the teaching system, I can not jump to conclusions whether these later in the teaching content will be better than the common Sanda Lianfa, you have two options: 1. a change in local practice; 2 . to continue to practice
shuai251842010-03-09 12:12:56 +0000 #7
than using stand on his toes, but heel from the ground, stamp your coach really rubbish ---
lameng8882010-03-09 14:25:39 +0000 #8
slowly do. That you can not coach a practice that can be on the right.

Essentials is a toe-point, the knees slightly curved, elbows affixed to the ribs, Hanxiong pull back. Lower jaw slightly. The body into a hemi-shaped.
gaogao11232010-03-09 13:16:31 +0000 #9
Boxing footwork is a cross-bow, and Bu, commonly known as Kirin step, there are three advantages of a center of gravity steady, solid all around, all. 2, focus shifted quickly, which will help attack and defense. 3, able to confuse the opponent, so that the other party do not see your center of gravity in the Na Tiaotui to find an entry point for attacks. Beginners with no need for a coach, then follow our advice, as long as the focus of their own sense of steady, leg lift fast, retreat, move forward effectively on the line, insisted for a long time will produce power, bearing in mind the physical exercise coordination, Sanda is not difficult, it was Several Now, learn important observation, be good to find the location of attack can be a reasonable use of techniques. Also, the quality of mind is also very important, we must dare to Ganpin, dare to think and dare to do, or else with no training is the same.



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