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Female students in good or Judo Taekwondo

Small Sibyl2010-03-09 11:11:38 +0000 #1
I want to learn to go out to self-defense, but do not know what kind of school would be better, please know that these doors more friends to help me think about
miaozipeng22010-03-09 11:21:23 +0000 #2
You can look at my answer.

Example, I recommend Wing Chun. Women's boxing has always been hit, but after Yip Man, Bruce Lee and others developed to combat the world's first known. Wing Chun is not a cover to deal with such as Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, China Xingyi octupole, have significant effect. Training is not going effortlessly, nor spent training the muscles. I practiced Wing Chun for several years, well aware of its benefits. Physical fitness, self-defense to protect themselves, are preferred. Recommended Wing Chun

So what are learning Taekwondo, Sanda, a waste of time and effort, but also useless. The Wing Chun is a woman created, and physical fitness Ye Hao, self-defense self-defense Ye Hao, are quite useful. This boxing-based speed, no strength training, all lies Qiao Jing. And although no training effort, punches it also powerful. Enhancing the inch punch, they played amazing strength. Wing Chun moves simple, no fancy, no cumbersome, Zhao Zhao useful. You can on the Xinhua bookstore, buy a book of the Wing Chun Wei Feng technique book, also available online learning. This is just my personal recommendation, what you like boxing, or themselves to be compared. However, the most suitable for you, or Wing Chun
ZLTZHAOJUN2010-03-09 11:45:59 +0000 #3
better learn China's "Wing Chun"

Japan and South Korea, or do not learn!
18_sorrentino2010-03-09 12:26:53 +0000 #4
judo and taekwondo self-defense if the light to see if results are similar to

Taekwondo is needed is an excellent ligament while girls born there are weaknesses of strength

but leg strength is that everyone has the (after all, supports dozens of their own weight years)

judo skills, but the main focus is the scope of techniques is limited to the chest in the region

If it is taller then the girls proposal was more appropriate to practice Tae Kwon Do

as opposed to judo, aikido, Gracey soft patients came from judo, which evolved

but actual sex is better than judo are also attached great importance to a number of single-martial arts skills, if the proposed

girls still do not practice this martial art similar to karate
leeyesong2010-03-09 12:51:37 +0000 #5
studied Taekwondo, Taekwondo feel it is quite emphasis on actual combat, in particular, focus on leg muscles and strength training, I attach more importance to Taekwondo, Judo may be more focus on upper extremity exercise. In general, girls are more to learn Taekwondo or, if prolonged exercise, self-defense, of course no problem.
Dream nimbus Ying2010-03-09 12:01:26 +0000 #6
In fact, their intentions are to try to figure out the moves on the bar say, Tae Kwon Do a few should train is not so simple
halo_q2010-03-09 13:59:23 +0000 #7
1:00 whim? Suggestion can not be bitter, people still turn to a dedicated device bar; If they are hard won, then the next bar, or judo, focusing on seeking Qiao Jin, unlike Taekwondo focuses on the power.
q3765979762010-03-09 14:12:07 +0000 #8
I am a sports health, my specialization is in judo, how should I say? I only knew Judo and easier to learn something useful for some, sorry limited capacity.
13,880,761,7172010-03-09 13:42:38 +0000 #9
girls in the words of a long-term impact of practicing judo taekwondo body Oh yes, then practice the correct body oh
Wood-hee and2010-03-09 12:01:13 +0000 #10
1 if it is selected, then two girls, recommendations or Tae Kwon Do Bar. WTF Taekwondo is also sub-and ITF, in general, then practicing WTF bar, that is, the kind of Olympic sport. ITF is very cruel cruel, destructive nor small - you know who are interested can also go to the next. . North Korea. .

My girls, learned five years, initially very small, that is, you want to self-defense and fitness before going to learn. At that time practicing very hard, and I ligament was relatively good, now self-defense should be enough, but it still should not recklessly run into bad guys, after all, a lot of bad girls in the power, if the other side there are weapons, although he is still very dangerous.

Tae Kwon Do pay attention to light-sensitive, focusing on legs, method, speed, jumping and boxing is relatively small, on several Block of the category. It also includes self-defense, the true can still lose weight, and endurance of what will be a lot better.

Judo, then, should require the body is very sturdy bar. I have not studied can not just evaluation. But ah jiu-jitsu, aikido and the like, there are a lot of wrestling skills, practicing them is difficult, and very hurt girls in the uterus. My friends have practiced aikido and karate, and a lot to Yingkang. In fact, I think that karate is not bad, that is, a point of fierce, female Aikido practice is not recommended.

Before forgot to say that many domestic TKD instructors were previously practicing martial arts or Sanda, in fact Sanda should be more real point, but seemingly not much outside the gym open bar. Tae Kwon do is more popular now, but in the end be able to combat and self-defense, the key is still good to see you trained in bad.
Zhang Ao M2010-03-09 12:14:01 +0000 #11
self-defense is best to use or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Baidu search for your video bar

taekwondo martial arts in the art of attack is an attack on the power of the weakest in terms of the

slow and require room for big

Muay Thai

All you learn is not realistic airway Daoshi David and Goliath of the technology, but did not attack techniques

Daoshi recommend martial art Tai Chi Chuan, but very few

judo master taught, then good, but girls still sleep technology to practice more practical

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques of sleep some more , plus a number of joint technical, and eyes off the fingers and the like, self-defense works well to say
South King2010-03-09 16:02:08 +0000 #12
It depends on what kind you like, and Judo is wrestling talk, Taekwondo is the offensive skill.



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