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WWE plot questions

Solutions chen NO12010-03-09 13:11:24 +0000 #1
WWE to have had some days when I see a human being becomes blind, but always know the old story, but this video figure out what is meant by the story still did not understand that DX have their say RAW is what RAW What does it mean a company, right? JC also insulted that the king's why, within months, as can be such a bully JC? SD what is it? The old do not understand WWE have devoted to the plot?
14,165,7682010-03-09 13:17:31 +0000 #2
you said that part of video is what I have just started watching WWE when viewed, at that time did not understand a story, but feel thrilled, actually can be played, from the beginning each have to see whether it is ECW, or sd, or RAW, but after I saw a lot of his own also probably know what kind of a story because you are familiar with WWE will be thinking beyond your own story to go with the WWE, but is still relatively obsession.

I'll give you advice is that you only now beginning to see WWE some time, you need not care about what the story is true because as long as you like WWE, I am sure you will always look at WWE's seen a lot of their naturally a rough idea of story, and you said that part of the above, when the previous games, such as the previous games I think you do not need to care about the plot and really care about is the game gives you a visual and mental enjoyment of sufficient , again, even if you know the previous story on who you are now watching what WWE did not help, perhaps said it rarely, therefore, for the previous game as long as you enjoy on the right, while important is that now you need to always look at WWE so you can go with you to understand the story plot, and something like that a lot of information you can look at.

There is the WWE under the three bodies are, raw, SmackDown, there are ECW (not before the wonderful spectacle of this little Bobby Lashley at the time of the most excellent, if interested, you can go and see). For these three organizations you can go to WWE's Baidu Wikipedia to see a lot of information above, you should be helpful.

If you really like the WWE then I hope you look at each phase, so that you understand the story is very important.
Andibode2010-03-09 13:18:21 +0000 #3
recommend you for a forum for it, "wrestling fans home" - www .19977. Com

in the discussion area, you can exchange the online community, there will be expert to answer your question.

I am here to explain briefly, Raw, and SD is the WWE's two brands.
Kiyoharu no sound2010-03-09 13:36:44 +0000 #4
WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) formerly known as WWF (World Wrestling Federation World Wrestling Association) is a U.S. professional sports legend text McLeod McMahon (Vincen McMahon) in 1982, founded by his father's hand WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation Global Wrestling Federation) bought it and changed its name to WWF, established over 20 years, in March 2002 due to another WWF (World Wildlife Federation World Wildlife Association), the abbreviation loses patent suit, so painfully had to let use of more than 20 years old size, changed its name to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment World Wrestling Entertainment), and in 2002 the Group acquired another two big wrestling WCW (World Champion Wrestling World Championship Wrestling) and ECW (Extreme Champion Wrestling Extreme Championship Wrestling ), merged into the present system, a huge WWE.


RAW: Star Theater, generally are more of the stars and plot. It reversed RAW is WAR war is anti-war means

SD: heavyweight theater, there are a lot of heavyweight fights, Star course, there are quite fascinating suspense story set a very good

ECW: Extreme Sports Union, did not belong to WWE, was later annexed WWE as WWE accessories

Your video is a PPV that story before the game , that two of eight individuals for each person has a story, they want to play games in the PPV, which is to increase support races before the two sides of the combative, so that audiences PPV

PS: PPV games can only be purchased in the U.S. and Europe You can only watch.

JC is also the story humiliated to increase both men's hatred, you let them go, have to buy PPV to see results of the competition.

PS: Let's see the game a few days after the PPV to see

PS: buddies, let's look at WWE used to like, when I like you, looking confused and very angry, thinking that if in the field watch the game, I want to continue to help them fight that impulse to bully their players.



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