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How stretching exercises?

Ice On St. Eagle2010-03-09 16:11:00 +0000 #1
I am now 16 years old because of the reason for a long time without stretching pressure not straight legs can not kick high kicks exercises now how can we restore ah?
by Ice Art2010-03-09 16:14:04 +0000 #2
All the stretching methods should be noted that in common: breath and movement to tie

below that of several commonly used stretching method in many files that apparatus, or pre-practice height put their feet to find a suitable place

Positive: the face of apparatus stood at attention inward and closely aligns foot feet 90 degrees (that is, you can more than 90 strongmen) to move forward on the bar pressure on the physical hand-l try to touch the toes straight false positive pressure: basic with positive pressure, but the level of support to put feet, so that pressure in the foot as far as possible to put a high bar (now also take less than 90 to deceive, if not pressure, give it a try and shoulder the same high bar) lateral pressure: Side of the apparatus in order to position his feet into the side kick to the toe the direction of bending apparatus (to ensure the body in the same plane) after the pressure: turn their backs on equipment to find ways to put a foot into such a pressure bar apparatus on the left foot for more than had to take turns down to each foot for each 60 each time, under pressure may be required when the best combination of pressure to achieve their maximum limits have just started feeling sore but not too fierce a strained ligament in the final legislation would look very bad pressure (180-degree super-bow) This usually can be practiced at attention upright posture feet or hands touch the tip angle reaches maximum limit and so you can run into the knee chest excel pressure on the leg after the final end to consolidate the next day to kick results and to relax the muscles under the effect of significantly
wddfgh58212010-03-09 16:36:18 +0000 #3
moves a lot, there is stretching, side stretching and so on. Normal legs to the shelf a ride, straight to the legs, the body is positive pressure in the direction of stretching, it is easy to learn, anyone can practice, but should pay attention to actions essentials.

The correct way is: select a high-profile, the body's natural standing, upper body to maintain integrity, lower limbs try to relax. So that the focus falls on the right foot (right foot do not write out), slowly lift left foot, on a high stage, upper body remains upright, and at the same time forward chest abdomen, whole body relax.

Then, the upper body forward, slowly bend over at the same time under the pressure slowly left leg, head and legs as far as possible to rely on. In bending, the use of waist under the pressure of inertia, and further pulling the leg ligaments, muscles. Pressure right leg steps to the left leg above the same pressure, and so alternating exercises.

Side stretching and stretching movements are similar, the main ligament stretch inner thighs. Method is: with the high-profile lateral pass away, support legs, toes and face the same direction; non-supporting leg tie on a high platform inside the leg down. To do the movements, the sideways pressure under the upper body as far as the direction to move closer to non-supporting leg.

Hot-warm-up before stretching, stretching still need to pay particular attention to the following aspects: 1. Body Balance: No matter what kind of stretching postures, should Fuzhu horizontal bar with both hands to avoid falling weight loss shake. The elderly should pay attention to this point. 2. On the ground outside of the foot should not write: toes should move forward and outside the charge-off on the opposite side of the foot ligaments and muscles pulling do not work. 3. Under the pressure more slowly: footrest stretching movements should be gentle, soothing, from the bones to the temper, but not too fast, or easy to muscle strain or ligament tear. 5. Time can not be too long: the right approach should be "many times, a small amount", each for each leg of pressure 15-20 times, no more than 10 minutes several times a day can do more. 6. To do a warm-up: the muscles in the body temperature of a high state, it is not rigid, the pressure up and it is not easy to hurt

The above is copied to a good stretching method is mainly sustained cycle of progressive eight characters. .

Do not want to be kicked when the head, we insist on pressing it a few minutes every day. I am 22-year-old was able to pressure a month kicked eyebrows of.



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