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Muay Thai a number of kinds of tricks?

Ice On St. Eagle2010-03-09 16:11:07 +0000 #1
What is the basic tricks such as all call Zhiquan 100 sweep kick boxing uppercut What Block?
hitsgwt2010-03-09 16:24:46 +0000 #2
Muay Thai boxing ring technologies include, elbow France, knee law, leg method.

Boxing: jab, Zhi Quan, Bai Quan, the uppercut, flat uppercut.

Elbow law: sweep elbow, pick elbow, oblique elbow, cut elbows, smashed elbow, anti-elbow.

Knee-law: straight knee, jump knee, flying knee, smashing knee.

Leg law: pre-kick, frog kick, sweep kick, crocodile wagging tail (post spin kick).

Muay Thai's basic recruit law is divided into two categories, namely the mother and the son of strokes strokes, each with 15.

Master strokes: fish teeth staggered, birds nest lifting, Java cast spears, enoxaparin thorn sword, held Sumeru, the monk pinch melon, Mon shoring, insert dowels, Ngok, put the fish tail, folding trunk, twisted tail and birds also nest eliminate lamp, devil Ape, folding like a neck.

Sub-strokes: God as the attack teeth, wiping surfaces legs, devil steal women, Rama archery, lions more stream, Luhuitou, mountain soil volume, a dragon hidden sea monkey god Hsien-ring, the more people nets, Thailand is also shoring, Swan folding wings, bar-wreath, the monk sweeping homes, cut melon.

Ancient Muay Thai boxing and moves those who are younger boxing According to historical records and interviewing a number of teacher finishing gradually formed. Many of the moves in the modern boxing ring game no longer exists. Gein Modern Muay Thai is more focused on the power play type and concise and practical. Gradually moves to the technical complexity of pseudo-dispensed say that it is a regret. The basic technology of ancient Muay Thai moves a total of 12-style attack, the Thai translation and interpretation are as follows:

(1) flat chest to pay his arms tied wrist spin potential

(2) lun Impossible into successively switching on and off the potential

(3) by ear retention protection surface side of

(4) stopped in hand from the outside grid dial the

(5) oblique block lifting the upper ramp boxing

(6) High-mentioned cover arms and turns Gaotai

(7), when put forward setting on the Dai crank

( 8) pairs, and the enemy's legs, elbow elbows Qi frame

(9) play hip side to cite the full potential after the bomb

(10) playing on the knee with both knees raised

(11) Hsien-Lin bow before the touch potential

(12) back to play After the leg swing swing
X eternal perfect X2010-03-09 16:54:34 +0000 #3
straight hook Baiquan. Knee red knee-placed knee

Muay Thai can be found Baidu to see specific actions



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