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What martial arts would let me refreshing, spiritual good.

Bryant LOVE basketball2010-03-09 20:11:32 +0000 #1
From childhood suddenly on the old sleepy in class time, when the car will always be sleepy eyelids fall down, not the kind of sleepy, the body themselves for losing control, used to listen to what fortune-telling to say that the soul Diuguo , but also to make the country the practice of superstition, and now still play tons of class, it is to affect their learning in class to sleep, unable to control, would like to seek some way can be refreshing exercise, Tai Chi any better, I want to learn tai chi, with my school tai chi, the ultimate goal is to pick-me-God-Qing Qi Shuang, and slowly change the appearance, after work, or.
250.8053 million2010-03-09 20:13:22 +0000 #2
Do not biased to any reported heart of martial arts. The so-called art without high or low, skills are good and bad. That there is no profound martial arts, because martial arts originated from a. And the martial art developed to the present are combined with each other to absorb. The technology is that you have good or bad. And scientific training
cm1125659862010-03-09 20:37:47 +0000 #3
more training exercises, like I told you what the practicing 啦

啦 indescribably have good physical exercise on the spirit of the movement to fall in love. . Fascinated by movement. . Positive point



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