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How can I quickly Chen Kai-leg ligament

Cordyceps sinensis grass,2010-03-10 04:10:42 +0000 #1

only electric2010-03-10 04:26:44 +0000 #2
first warm-up run 1000 meters. Then his own at home practice.

As long as you have the stamina you must still OK! CCTV has been reported 60 Granny can do the splits at home and self-learning. You still small bar. Teach you how to train splits at home. Okay see you himself.

No one to help you press on his own.

You could teach yourself how pressure horizontal fork;

First of all, do some warm-up exercise. Then at home will be two legs on the bed sideways split (split how much can be split) and then, in your chest high quilts prepared in advance, you lie on it. Ordinary people can quite junior 10-15 minutes. Insist on practicing for three months can be split.

Vertical cross their own practice easier, and every day your body with the leg into place as high as 100 under pressure. Gradually increasing the height of a month later. Then, clinging with both hands, soles of the feet will be posted on the chin, leg 3-5 minutes. Ten times a day. Finally try to split. Adhere to training for two months can be pressed to open.



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