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Jin Yong's martial arts

Cola Huang2010-03-10 12:10:03 +0000 #1
Jin Yong's martial arts all the books were filled with all the characters

If you singled 1V1 Who is the most powerful???
6 define the wind grass2010-03-10 12:24:16 +0000 #2
certainly is "the uncontested top dog", but he did not officially out of the elderly transitions, according to the age of Jin Yong's Novels inference, it should be in the "Tian Long Ba Bu" and "The Eagle Shooting Heroes" between, that is between the Northern Song Dynasty and Southern Song, than the "Ashes of Time beggar in the North-South Emperor supernatural powers" time even as early as 50 years or so, even though the "Tian Long Ba Bu" there are cows that are far less sweeping Shenseng him, and later Linghu Chong Yang Guo, an obtaining the sword Italy (Xuan Tiejian France), have lent a sword Zhao (Dugujiujian) almost invincible when the world, he is almost a god

Dharma will not martial arts, at best, will be point of yoga, martial arts to Bodhidharma named (for example, Damo sword) or a sham Tuo Damo for the founder of the martial arts (such as today's "Xing Yi Quan"), either in order to worship the ancient, such as Bodhidharma Sword, the highest this sword easy to artificially raise the status of swordsmanship heritage, some historical reasons, such as Xing Yi Quan, founder difficult to test, there can Luo Li , Ji Ji-ke, is said, or with a variety of factors and only on the pretext of the Dharma, or the reality of Wushu Jie novels are like this

"There is a Shaolin martial arts" was nonsense, it should be, in turn, Shaolin is a draw Forming a lot of folk martial arts
Let's hear vicissitudes2010-03-10 12:53:18 +0000 #3
Guo Jing
cxhcs2010-03-10 12:48:28 +0000 #4
Dharma Huang Chang do not count, because there is no formal out of transitions, I think the first few years of anonymous Tian Long Ba Bu sweeping the monk!



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