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Beijing where there is to teach karate, preferably a very real flow? Heard a very real and practical

_ Fuji Snow2010-03-10 15:10:10 +0000 #1
the amount of girls. . Want to learn the fundamental point of self-defense in Taekwondo Mody use it. . Amount. . Heard a very real flow of practical advice of how can there be to learn to Beijing
Mars _Osu2010-03-10 15:15:51 +0000 #2
Do not have learned

Beijing Union University, karate

night in a society can also be directly to the school gym on Tan

give certificates only on the altar

However, martial arts black belt does not mean that there is no black belt does not mean that did not work.

I once won the retired national athletes.

That is the teacher would like to show off his kung fu to the boys lining up during the holidays, where the actual 1 minute.

I am the penultimate 3. All been before the 8 seconds of the coach. There is also handsome guy wearing eye glasses black belt to me custody, then a cross-kick ko. I even told him that is not the spectacles legible.

Coach was I hit a nod, also hook down once. I was rubbing him a moment, hold down a leg (I can not play). Played a total of two, a is 1 minute, a is 5 minutes (he shouted again 5 minutes). The coach to the depressed.

You can own practice. Good at playing the thigh. Can play numb on the list. When playing to play towards the neck.

Buy barrels of capsaicin could do so.



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