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20 years old, can learn what Self defense, but also how to protect themselves,

Yingying Junjun2010-03-10 17:11:00 +0000 #1
I am now 20 years old, female, ① Self defense would like to learn some self-protection, which is better; ② If you encounter someone tracking, how to deal with before they can ensure their own safety; ③ If the neighbor a criminal record criminal record several times, but now there is no correction, then if he came to ask you to borrow money, wanted to come you Jiazuo Zuo, or follow you, then how should what?
zero where the customer2010-03-10 17:20:35 +0000 #2
crazy students "to talk about women's Self Defense" which includes:

1: unarmed uprising exteriors surgery;

2: Armed uprising exteriors surgery;

3: bedroom uprising exteriors surgery.

You must be a detailed look at it after reading the reports, do not need any practice, you can have the ability to protect themselves.

Not boast.
Next to the White Rabbit2010-03-10 17:30:51 +0000 #3
a long time trained taekwondo, reported that a training bar, and now a lot of girls practicing taekwondo. . . If you want to crash again and again of what is on the anti-wolf capturing operation can be. 2, the general had been tracked aboard crowded places to go, if there is more than an attempt to track should be obvious to others for help, such as large stores, or banks, police stations and so on. 3, in the past mistake does not mean a lifetime mistake, will depend on his actual actions, the general look at his behavior and interaction of friends will be able to see, and if he can go to your home you are rejected, say a person at home is inconvenient, or another day you have friends asked him. Thing to borrow money more easily, said to him, not so much cash, if a little money, people refrained from opening to take him on.
Falcon Long ing2010-03-10 18:01:30 +0000 #4
1. Girls, learn what martial arts is useless, and men are no match for criminals not to mention you are a little girl, it is recommended to buy a electric shock rod, or put the wolf spray carry around portable, on-line have sold

2. If he followed you, a discouraging warning, find someone to protect two, three alarms, do not and the bad guys head-on, not to mention you are a girl

3. At the door to ask clear about his intentions, how the wind blows, Xianjixingshi, there is the problem is not to open the door! Then he asked his family to protect you or the police!

PS gallbladder heart, you are afraid of bad people, in fact, bad people even more afraid of you!



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