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psp wwe2010 royal rumbol how to use

guanjunie2010-03-15 10:10:46 +0000 #1
The following is a full gas tank,, how to use special techniques ..

keep in mind that: 30 men royal rumbol match ``
zjk52732010-03-15 10:17:59 +0000 #2
at the Royal battle, whether it is 10 people , 20, or 30 people. as long as the opponent to launch throw, shot ring on OK. special skills, or unique skill, generally used to trick the game would not have said, using unique skills in the Royal World War II, first of all should opponents hit him escorted side rope, or let opponents hit the ring corner, in or to throw the opponent outside the ropes at the side, but did not ring the next time (and sometimes standing on edge while holding onto ropes rope did not fall outside the ring, and sometimes are lying on the edge and the bottom ring rope Natiao side below), when the opponent is not moving, but only for a short while, so immediately approached him, then △ prompt will appear, press Next △ (recommended approaching a time when rivals began non-stop on-△, to avoid missed), press the △ later, in different locations, different characters make different moves under the opponents throw ring ..

(typing playing tired ah ..!!)



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