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How to quickly pull ligaments

Purple-na a2010-03-15 10:11:09 +0000 #1
I'm 17 years old, wanted to learn Taekwondo (Female)
a sister, a pleasure2010-03-15 10:23:24 +0000 #2
About Flexibility Discipline

1, on the positive stretching

in the stretching of a few methods, the positive stretching is the foundation, but also practitioners find it hard to approach. Training are often the beginning of the following problems: bow, bend over, eager to touch the feet with the head, chest and legs of a large space between the child, as well as stations instability, such as to be after the Dao Si, and even leg ligaments. To solve the above problem, stretching may note the following:

1, regulate movement, step-wise

(1) the beginning of practice, the intensity should not be doing much exercise. Legs placed on the objects with the high waist, hip, recoil, buttocks should be flat, support legs and the ground

vertical, knee straight, was stretching his toes and a sense of upward hook to the back button, upper body forced to move forward , so that is stretching into a straight line. Foot

tip back to help lengthen the leg hooks ligament, tendon, muscle, upper body forward to stretch the trunk, especially the spine. A few minutes later a leg press,

pulls the other leg. A few days later, the leg muscles become soft and elastic, can the next step.

(2) The stretching and the legs are straight, his hands pressed by stretching the knee, and hip so that body to bend forward as far as possible pressure in order to strengthen knee muscles after nest


(3) The hands are stretching according to knee, hip, after sitting, upper body forced to move under the stoop pressure, try to paste the abdomen thigh, this step into, may be the next step


(4) both hands by the next hold grip has been stretching legs, upper body bend under the pressure forced forward and try to paste the abdomen thighs and knees to the chest paste. This step into, may

be the next step exercises.

(5) has been stretching with the legs straight, his hands moving to live feet, abdomen paste thigh, chest, knees, paste, try to touch the toes to forehead. This step into, may

be the next step exercises.

(6) The hands and feet to move to live, abdominal paste thigh, chest, knees, paste, try to touch toes mouth. This step is completed, the next step.

(7) hands and feet to move to live, according to the law, with the lower jaw touch the toes. After this step into the show is stretching has become.

Only in this way step by step exercises, so that the formation of the trunk and legs-one correspondence, such as the abdomen and thigh, chest and knees, head and toe in turn correspond to contact in order to avoid the trunk and legs between the empty child.

2, from light to heavy, from low to high

stretching when the body of the leg ligament, tendon, muscle pressure. The beginning of training, the force should be light, after a period of time when the practice gradually increasing pressure; if a start imposing gravity, may be able to insist on 12 days, I am afraid even to walk the third and fourth days are difficult. Legs and placed the height should be low to high. Will be put to the legs and waist with a high pressure to the lower jaw hit the toe, it can be placed legs and chest with a high object; to practice to the submandibular encountered toes, it can be placed with legs shoulder-high objects until the feet with the head placed on a high object.

3, the first pull-back pressure, from near and far

the beginning of practice stretching, because the leg ligament, tendon, muscle stretching poor, suddenly forced lengthening, not only futile, but also to make ligaments. Therefore, the beginning of training, they would first elongated leg ligaments, tendons, muscles and spine, and then imposed vibration pressure; vibration pressure should also look at what manner, can not be impatient for success. When stretching the trunk and legs should also note that the contact is from near and far, and the trunk and legs touch the corresponding parts of the order is: Torso: abdomen - chest - head, legs: thigh - knee - toes, do not start head-Ying Peng toes with impunity.

4, to be strong-willed, persistent

for leg flexibility exercises, is indeed boring, especially reaches a certain level, there will be legs, hip pain feeling, which is similar to emerging practitioners, like long-distance athletes, The "fatigue" period, this time the most important thing is to have their own strong will, there is constant bitter heart can not be idle time. Power flexibility because of leg power quality and legs compared with other quality, easy to develop, it tends to subside. You should be good at self-regulation, the appropriate degrees to reduce downforce, amplitude, reduction of stretching time, or to kick exercises, combined with the pressure kick and so on. I firmly believe that the feeling of pain will gradually disappear, then you will for their own achievements and excitement.

5, the pressure to do well before the warming-up

practice before to do some waist, hips, knee, ankle, leg muscles warming-up. Because the muscles, ligaments and muscle stretch of the temperature, through the warming-up can improve the muscles warm, reduce the viscosity within the muscle are conducive to the flexible legs exercises.
Only electric2010-03-15 10:20:24 +0000 #3
first warm-up run 1000 meters. Then his own at home practice.

As long as you have the stamina you must still OK! CCTV has been reported 60 Granny can do the splits at home and self-learning. You still small bar. Teach you how to train splits at home. Okay see you himself.

No one to help you press on his own.

You could teach yourself how pressure horizontal fork;

First of all, do some warm-up exercise. Then at home will be two legs on the bed sideways split (split how much can be split) and then, in your chest high quilts prepared in advance, you lie on it. Ordinary people can quite junior 10-15 minutes. Insist on practicing for three months can be split.

Vertical cross their own practice easier, and every day your body with the leg into place as high as 100 under pressure. Gradually increasing the height of a month later. Then, clinging with both hands, soles of the feet will be posted on the chin, leg 3-5 minutes. Ten times a day. Finally try to split. Adhere to training for two months can be pressed to open.
Black Power2010-03-15 10:40:34 +0000 #4
stretching, brush waist, dynamic and static intervals, good results



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