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Taekwondo training, if the training from the most elementary leucorrhea, to practice a few years bef

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fitness generally do not have the fastest year on what basis, usually if 4-6 hours of training a week to keep the amount in 2023 could be a black belt test
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spaces and Dan Black Belt is a symbol of taekwondo masters, is a manifestation of strength, but also an honor and responsibility.

Black Belt Dan points up to the Kudan. For one to three paragraphs novice Dan black belt, four paragraphs to the sixth is a high level of Dan, seven-segment to the Kudan knowledge can only be granted to high attainments and to make a significant contribution to the development of taekwondo's outstanding figures.

Black Belt section of the above players are eligible to participate in a national competition, players are eligible to participate in the above Sec international competitions. After players are eligible for access to Black Belt Taekwondo instructors. For more than four sections known as "Normal", in paragraph 5 above is called "master." The above four sections are eligible to declare an international coach and international referee, and shall be eligible as a museum curator or the Head Coach Road.

A period of between three sections of the Dan, by the Chinese Taekwondo Association, or its registered branch of assessment issued by authorized organizations. Sec promoted to the sixth, by the world's WTF (WTF) or the International WTF (ITF) Promotion Committee for examination. Seven-Segment promoted to Kudan, by the WTF or the ITF, the Special Committee appointed to conduct the assessment.

World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) was promoted to black belt Kudan a standard:

Dan years of age examination content (product potential part)

a period of one year and a half over the age of 15 designated Tai Chi 1 - 7 type, one of the compulsory 8 Type

2 Sec specified above the age of 16 years of Tai Chi 1 - 8 type, one of the compulsory Korea

3 Section 3 specified above the age of 18 tai chi, Korea, one of the compulsory Diamond

Sec 4 years specified above the age of 21 tai chi, Korea , King Kong, one of the five sections of the compulsory Taibai

5 years over 25 years old designated tai chi, Korea, King Kong, Tai Pak, one of the compulsory Plain, 10 into the

sixth six years specified above 30 years old Korea, King Kong, Tai Pak, plain, 10 into the one of the select Jitae, one of the

Seven-Segment 7 days boxing over the age of 36 years specified Korea, King Kong, Tai Pak, plains, 10 Jin, Jitae, one of boxing days, choose the Han River, as one of the

Hattan 8 years over the age of eight out of 44 or above to review the content by the World Tae Joint Special Committee decided to Kudan over 60 years old


1, l In addition to product potential segment content of the examination, another examination of actual combat, powerful, stunt, theory.

2, the content of the high spots-examination but also contribute to the review and assessment of qualifications.

3, the age of 15 athletes to reach the level of one to three paragraphs, grant a product, two products, Mishina.

Tae Kwon Do, "10", "Mishina," "Kudan" division

Taekwondo has a strictly technical level appraisal system. Discipline levels were high or low, in order to "level", "products", "paragraph" to divide. "Class" is divided into 10-1, 10 the lowest level, a higher. Later into a "segment" Dan from low to high is divided into one to Kudan. A minor player to reach the level of one to three paragraphs, then awarded the "one product" to "Mishina."

Taekwondo training and competition lanes clothes, using thick, high quality, Sweat-absorbent white cloth sewn, symbolizing the purity of thought and the pursuit of technological proficiency.

Belt represents the color of the player's skill level, from low to high order of leucorrhea (10), white and yellow belt (9), yellow belt (8), yellow, and green belt (7), Green Belt (6), green Blue Ribbon (5), Blue Ribbon (4), blue and red band (3), red belt (2), red and black belt (1, a product to Mishina), Black Belt ( up to the Section). (The Tao House different)

【belt color symbolism】

leucorrhea: leucorrhea on behalf of blank, there is no taekwondo practitioners the knowledge and foundation, and start all over again.

Yellow Belt: Yellow Belt is the color of the earth, as plants take root in the soil, as in this stage to lay a solid foundation and learn the spirit of the land great virtue.

Yellow, and green belt: yellow belt and green belt between between the level of practitioners of technology on the rise.

Green Belt: Green Belt is the color of the plant on behalf of practitioners of taekwondo technology has begun to flourish Taekwondo technology continues to improve.

Green Blue Ribbon: Blue Ribbon from the Green Belt to the transition zone, the level of practitioners in the Green Belt and the blue-ribbon between.

Blue Ribbon: Blue Ribbon is the color of the sky, with the continuous training of taekwondo practitioners technologies mature toward the sky like a big tree, like the growth has been completely started practicing taekwondo.

Blue-red belt: Blue Ribbon slightly higher than the level of practitioners than the red band is slightly lower, ranging between the Blue Ribbon and red tape.

Red Belt: Red is dangerous, warning colors, practitioners already have a considerable ability to attack constituted a threat to the opponent, should pay attention to self-cultivation and control.

Red and black belt: After a long systematic training, practitioners have complete a 10-1 from the full course and began the transition from red belt to black belt.

Black Belt: black belt on behalf of practitioners after long and arduous hone their technical movements and ideas have been revised down to a mature state. Black Belt Tae Kwon Do is also a symbol of darkness and fear are not affected.



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