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Nunchuk-controlled rebound

Ah __ ah2010-03-15 15:10:55 +0000 #1
real, they will inevitably have faced each other with a hard object Parry nunchakus attack, this time nunchakus will rebound, they might be hurt himself. I ask, how to exercise control over nunchakus rebound, what techniques and methods.
robert18122010-03-15 15:15:30 +0000 #2
stick rebound with a number of factors, such as the direction of force size, the density of objects being hit, his stick material, etc.. So, the simple avoidance action is not easy to avoid strong rebound of the double stick, but rather this is the case, the most likely injured himself.

Know that the principle of centrifugal force it, with the Nunchuk's stick-side (non-chain 2) in a circular motion, the more damaging is that this lethal is also relative. According to my personal actual combat experience (high school that the actual combat is the sole criterion for testing truth, I suggest you do not want to emulate, and Hehe), it is recommended to use thick wall of iron rods.

Was able to buy nunchakus mostly of wood, are more resilient Moreover, short-lived, can not hit a few frames, connections on the loose and even fall off, and face fracture when the rally once, a good Risk! ! ! Was made because of an iron pipe wall thickness, weight of large, began to use less smoothly, but after a few combat found that opponents hit with an iron bar in the radial bone, fibula, knee, elbow, weakness and other parts of When anti-best results. While at the expense of speed, but rebounded to make the stick easier to control, more exercise, but also worked out how to rebound from occurring, the "leakage power" approach, but this method is your "stick feeling."

Avoid: No. of trees hitting practice, you can the spirit of "from soft to hard" approach, carried out step by step exercises; not be playing in the fighting in the blind flower; can not be repeated use of "White Snake's tongue"; not be combined with weapons density opponents head-on; not directly hit opponent's side door.

Actual combat is to defeat, not to Zhuangku! ! !
winner80802010-03-15 15:49:10 +0000 #3
nunchaku, having seen the real you do

Anyway, I never met a rebound, generally stick hit a hard object, there is no rebound enough to hurt their own situation.

However, if a hard object blocking the stick chain, the possibility of bounce back relatively larger.
36,173,2242010-03-15 16:08:45 +0000 #4
according to the actual situation, the use of double stick in people or things with a stick when most of the first half of it urges, but also the intensity of thrown bigger -- Do not use the middle of or after the first half to beat -! There is, after you have thrown to the subconscious to make hand movements to avoid! As far as possible before the tip with a stick to hit targets! ! As a quick and ruthless than their own was also injured -! Do not play with the middle or behind the goal! ! Should not, by themselves hurt! ! The beginning of first learning how to use a stick to beat the former tip could be a target! ! After receipt of the total will not be hurt! !
Hua benzyl ashamed2010-03-15 16:02:22 +0000 #5
Rejection time to withdraw behind the point of hand-syncline front end to use the stick as far as possible targets skilled way of escape will not be dismantled will not rebound in



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