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To learn Aikido Zhengxintai Hall Shou Road, Wuyuan privately run museum which better?

alan771492010-03-15 21:10:31 +0000 #1
I am now 16 years old I wanted to learn Aikido (for it?) Live in the Wangjing

checked a lot of information which Zhengxintai Museum Museum Shou Road, Wuyuan is my Juku relatively clear

would like to invite experienced friends to help me which is more suitable I recommend (from Wangjing near the price not too high ...) or any other information on Hall Road

Please tell me the price
18_sorrentino2010-03-15 21:18:18 +0000 #2
Pricing In fact, similar.

Beijing's Road House, I have gone through it again.

LO civil and military sources. . . No teachers, popularity has been a defeat.

Shou Road, privately run in Dorset, but the old gym, Lian Wan with no bathing facilities. No Trial of the clothes but also for beginners.

Trade There Sook Ching, the Japanese opening, but the junior high students separated from the root of time students practice, I personally do not agree with this approach.

Condition is relatively good Jhengsin Hall. Equipment conditions improve, shareholders strength training you do not want half of the Hall Road closures due to no place to practice, it is best to go this. Personally believe that peace is better to go inside stores, at the edge of Metro Line 5.

Peking University People's Congress too far away from your side bar.

In addition, the more powerful, there should be a Black Tiger Road Dawanglu Museum, the Europeans opened. . . But it's not easy to find. Has been no finding.

Wangjing there should be a flow of God Hall, but Renqibuwang.

In addition there are hundreds of rivers Fuchengmen, but said that real sense, there is definitely harmful, you do not want to hurt bar. Personally think that they are already out of the basic nature of Aikido.

I suggest you look at every house to watch, lest someone say that you are being called a yo.



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