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Real kung fu martial arts master will come in, thank you

lgzxlz2010-03-16 00:10:03 +0000 #1
if the bad guys with the beer bottle or a brick smashed head-how do you prepare?

I have a buddy was trained in martial arts feel quite good, but also quite hard preparedness, and afraid shutting
qq4515458772010-03-16 00:23:31 +0000 #2
you carry a shield with a similar sort of thing on the OK of the

to those upstairs so-called martial arts martial arts masters are some ruffian,

you have to mind the words of the letter that they will flower

ancient bows and arrows and then fast, do not still have shields Well, one things down a matter ah
pulsator Canada2010-03-16 00:30:51 +0000 #3
not practiced iron hand skill and , then immediately with the arm clenched fist full a file. You feel that buddy practiced quite good, does not mean that is really quite good
broken people do not remember2010-03-16 00:37:28 +0000 #4
I am a practicing Sanda hope can help you.

In the other ready to hit the time,

should be 1.3 seconds of time. You can do sideways and escaped, and everyone OK! ! !

Then. If your shoulders at the back to connect to the arm has sufficient strength. You can come hit counter punched each other's face, or. Bent down to avoid. Fight each other using uppercut on the chin that he was never preparedness.

Thank you, any help please adopt. Thank you,
stpoisson2010-03-16 02:05:40 +0000 #5
left arm mounted an iron plates, right hand punch wearing a ring, the left block, You Quan playing

Of course, if the reaction time did not even impossible to block the
spear love Prince2010-03-16 01:13:21 +0000 #6
one to one, then at this time There are several ways. One is the other side rushed to take time to see weapons (beer or brick instead of following with a weapon) in hand to the direction you come immediately to avoid the can, when to do a good job alert, 10000 is not allowed to see what you have action, but it also requires experience. The second is the counter-attack, the best defense is a counter-attack. Take the other side we should rush to arms, you must first stable, do not let the other side to see your moves, the other side you have only one meter away from the far (distance depends on the length of arms) You immediately hit with a rush, its holding of arms in the arm more parts to the left chest area, legs and hands can be used, distance to their own, this also requires a good grasp of the location of the attack time.
Soldier 10012010-03-16 01:47:24 +0000 #7
a word "flash." If the flash can not, without hard power, then wait for flowering forehead bar.

You can practice a number of multi-real, and improve responsiveness.

In addition, practiced Tai Chi should be aware that Yang righteousness, evil falls. The so-called "gentlemen's expansive, man is unhappy and worried", the "skilled are bold."

First, if your friends are afraid of the villain, not at home to prove his skill. Second, to prove that he a man there is a problem it really like, not what to do Kuixin Shi afraid of what the villain. Third, practicing martial arts in order to spiritual cultivation, and without the whole of Gao Ren, like Jet Li's "Fearless" interpretation of the martial arts movie content, rather than ask you to fight the fight.

I had to say there may be some straight, I have offended a place please forgive me.
hrb_jbb2010-03-16 03:33:17 +0000 #8
want to prepare for? That's not say it, and it was out of practice. Including action, reflection, shenfa the like, and would like to make a valid move is to a lot of factors together will achieve the results.

If the anti-villain also do not much thought, and bad people will now come to fight you Yao! Of course, to you about the whole thing from behind. Would like to prepare for the attack on behind the demand even higher.
ludinyu2010-03-16 00:58:03 +0000 #9
tolerance 1:00 calm, step back and brighter future!
Sell insole 46452010-03-16 02:13:18 +0000 #10
lift arm in arm when the,

to hide most people are not immune to the response, but come.

Iron hand skill, you, you have luck, you are also Lai Buji.

So you block with the left arm, while the other side with Youquanzhiji nose. The exhaustion of Quanliyiji killed and seek to engage each other bloody nose, so that the other party hors de combat



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