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Advantages and disadvantages of Aikido

Nunchaku 12010-03-16 00:10:18 +0000 #1
I am still just a beginner, I think that Aikido's wrestling more practical, but always feel inadequate, also ask what you can do self-study? If - how self-learning?
iozdii2010-03-16 00:22:39 +0000 #2
Aikido's fundamental principle is based on Small is Big, saying simply is that way, I think that the two types of wrestling, investment and technology and joint technical wrestling. One vote can be divided by leveraging the technology investment law and the self-force-style cast method. I have these terms are not very accurate, is summed up my own, and you know it would mean on the list.

Cast technology is to rely on its own strength to throw opponents of these movements and have been basically judo, for example, carrying cast, the Palestinian vote, shoulder car and so on, these movements rely primarily on themselves to vote made on finalizing the wrestling action. And as part of leveraging this type of lumbar vote cast method, with opponents calling force, even overwhelming vote, opponents of being put in to fight off the more emphasis on throwing the more ruthless.

Joint technical wrestling is the use of Hold after the other joints to force the opponent to follow you have to throw out the direction of force, this law also requires that you vote in the spontaneous force, but you fall upon his joints, very forcefully Easy. Such techniques are cross-cast, cast into the body, the Quartet cast, small hands and counteracting. Most of Aikido's wrestling with technical wrestling joints mostly because of the joint control of aikido are more, take advantage of this point is easier to do wrestling, while a small body of people who force the use of these techniques is also a good选择.

Aikido three techniques, one religion, the Quartet to vote, cast into the body, we must learn well the basic skills, especially in a religion, simple really is the most difficult trick.

Self-study is basically impossible, insisted it was and your practice, does not make sense here need a coach to explain that a person is how you view home video is also a useless, dead heart of this bar.

------------------------ Sudden little hands against the half-length anti-stations, the enemy suddenly into the right hand, my left foot on the step outside to avoid the attack At the same time the inside of his left hand to seize the enemy's wrist, arm and elbow to hold back to my waist to left axis rotation, this time I have back to back with the enemy. Waist force rotation, hand to force the enemy to interrupt the arm at the elbow, if, is continuing. Rotation, the right hand to seize the enemy back to his right foot counter-rotating implementation of the small hand, the air arm would be interrupted by the enemy, if continued, fell to the ground immediately after the implementation of the solid technical arm to interrupt the enemy.

Tu Ci, when the enemy center of gravity will be temporarily Ning Jing moment, if he is forced too heavy then the coagulation fresh longer, this time he is very difficult to do other actions. And I always want to keep a good rotation center of gravity, one is the pace of training, suddenly a small hand against though only three steps, but the reverse is being transferred, the degree of rotation is very large, very easily confusing to beginners, or steps away empty, On the one hand is a multi-practice, on the other hand note that the first position, the first can be said to be a solid center of gravity a very important part in learning Aikido, many techniques with their own head, or the location of the enemy's head. Sudden little hands on the issue of anti-head position, if someone is pointing more with less, if no one pointing to self-realize, that this man really is a savvy high. Obviously I was pointing through a person's. Suddenly the focus of a small hand control of 90 percent against in their own head above.

Aikido movements, while cumbersome, hands and feet move quite a lot, but Aikido is destined not to hurt the enemy is an enemy and wounding the enemy without fighting the enemy's techniques, so he also evolved into such movements. However, a lot of careful study, then aikido techniques for the opponent to force to resolve, anti-system, avoidance is a great deal of research. Just like the hands of the sudden anti-technique, the whole process is back to back with their rivals, opponents on the left hand is difficult to help busy, even if the left hand to right hand over aid, but this time has been brought over rotated to draw the line is not in his right hand still is a problem , and that your center of gravity has severely been disrupted, and the right hand is also not contribute much to help.

In the hands of anti-sudden I said, I've seen two examples of more fierce, I am a black belt in the Line of Duty, thin small, one exercise that boys distracted thorn a blow to the Line of Duty rapid rotation, when he was knife to get rid of flying far away, to swoop out of the whole person, and results are our masters do pull back a small hand-counter, be regarded as The Young aware of the switch to off hand, elbow or the first ready, or that what after class we would go with a hospital. On another occasion, when coaches Yanwu the first rotation, he was already seen by the skill of the body of students who really not up to much, and the initial spin fast, but it actually slowed down the back, until he was fascinating stats Station stable and we have to continue to do this is to protect he was not injured.

Aikido is a defensive martial arts though, but pay attention to late-rock, this is the most difficult, and it is difficult to very difficult. SPL, by Donnie Yen Wu Jing empty-handed trick wins a knife to kill is a four-vote, Wu Ching Ju Dao under the bar in the knife raised, is the next tie the initial, Yen grasping his left wrist on the top right hand on the top, Top 3 Muscle, a complete seal of the Wu Ching's strength, so that his arm completely vacant, the inability to power, and then resorted to four vote, Wu Ching chest hanging waist, his legs can not be made completely the right hand edge, Donnie Yen in the outward hands on his shoulder torn tendon, the backhand knife into his stomach. It can be said Wu Ching under the bar, with Donnie Yen top hand, one after the first one, but Donnie Yen first to see through this tactic, indeed pre-empt a later sealed in the knife prior to his whereabouts, this is difficult.

The same four-vote, if by throwing opponents to the outside can cause shoulder tendon tear, if only a simple wrestling back cast, the opponent will fall will not hurt. This we have often referred to as "black hands", because it is invisible, and most people did not realize that some students move to a non-standard hours can be self-defeating employ this anti-black hands, the coach will remind you in the street can do so, but not work in the temple where was too dangerous. Similarly, in a small hand there are also anti-black hands, can cause a hit two broken hands.

Gaining the upper hand combative persons, not suitable for learning aikido.


You never know why people learn aikido, have you seen the street who used to fight together airway, learning aikido people simply are not going to fight for. So this move quick fast, and whether the Right Aikido who do not take into account a lot of actual combat situation, they more of just basking in that the art among the art.

Your thoughts with me like the beginning to think that a good martial arts together, the real fight is useless. Wing Chun too fast, Muay Thai too fast and simply can not grasp, too many complicated steps and movements as easy to let opponents run away or fight back, there is a very long time and I think that Aikido is not in actual combat value, as Beginners can also be started.

But when I saw the teaching of Eno Santos, after some thought I followed the change. Eno is a Jeet Kune Do Santos figure in his Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee on the basis of further integration of martial arts in Southeast Asia. In my video collection, he explained some of Jeet Kune Do skills to take over counter-attack, but I am surprised to find that he has a lot of techniques actually vote in the last pick of the wrestling and aikido almost exactly the same can be said to be complete copy . Eno did not like the temple Santos Yanwu to use Aikido moves, as he was before that with a variety of Jeet Kune Do techniques are defensive, a counter-attack, there is even the overwhelming hit. Remember that he demonstrates a way to move crack Zhi Quan, speaking about taking over the four examples. Take over and resolve, counter Wing Chun has a thick taste, but in the end, there are three kinds of techniques are based on Aikido means the final end.

Technology was to get people used to live, and why the same moves in our temples where demo is like this, but in the hands of Eno Santos is indeed another look. Who Tuci I must use a small hand against sudden, how can I block on how block, how should flash on how flash, how smoothly how to fight, to take over what it had done what the back along with his technique. I would like to coach mentioned this matter, but he was unwilling to change, because he will give up the essence of Aikido, Jeet Kune Do might become a museum, but the actual combat, so he advocated the use of the. In the after-school talk, he also mentioned some specific cracking way to say it more clearly then that is when the fight directly to the outside world, do not obsessed with what kind of skills such as technology, there is no real stakes.

Temple of aikido is not the fighting was born, and Aikido are never challenge other Menpai, door Qiecuo also go beyond that to himself a few. Your nature is a good militant fight, so you do not understand aikido, you give up he is also a matter of time.

Would like to take to the streets to fight the natural science Sanda, Muay Thai has. Do not want too many words, learning aikido is very Cuoa. While learning under the capturing hand, two martial arts that can complement any location, by the way learn some of Eno uncle took very good. In fact, in pure aikido real effect if the start is not bad, temples which are mostly practicing defensive back, defensive back, of course difficult, but if it is, then attack some aikido techniques is still very sound.
Kung Fu Black Small2010-03-16 00:23:21 +0000 #3
Chinese are not a practice that
Toyotaki2010-03-16 00:27:28 +0000 #4
Aikido is to tell you the benefits of the weaknesses of human joints. But because too much emphasis on meditation and practical part of the lost, we heard that before the period when the warrior is not the case . was deliberately intended to kill them worn down to become what it is. When the capturing technique is used to explain the principle of entry is possible. but would have to practice for many years brought a fight with the other people have to constantly fight to improve (in fact, that is beaten)
----------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Let me give you an example. suddenly little hand back you know? It is anti-pierce straight into the back hand throw it together with your hands just wrong, Rhadinosa over the other. he immediately set aside his hands cross each other, slowing down can be. but the people would not be so slow, and you should also turn a hand to take steps to withdraw, the other party sufficient time to tighten waist with the hand-clasping plate elbow or directly not next to your opponent with his back to a time when you are on the Zhuang Fei. because you twist the moment is weight loss. If the opponent is very detrimental to your capacity to combat, in fact, the correct way is to simply do not turn around after the band. In its when fortune Rhadinosa also stopped his elbow on the hand and arm, one hand grasping the wrist arm hand down swirling outside the break with both hands can be, (this is called to roll the wrist seized a knife) if he had stab out into the potential. dodge dodge step to take in hand to drop the elbow on the nest, he sets arm Huanma mix live legs, hands pressed a waist he had a screw down (this move is the anti-boxing pressure elbow), we can see aikido in order to draw that circle has spent much Kung Fu ah? fighting in more than 0.5 seconds is sufficient to determine the outcome, very many other examples. like a four-vote. heaven and earth to vote ... is not listed
--------------- 11 -------------------------------------------------- ---

Aikido has anything to do masters from here?! but by no means out of the class to learn. is certainly not gatekeepers regulation of the well-behaved children, aikido where not allowed to clear a test of one another is to be able to pass along to Zen . but do not have a competition with each other would be difficult to raise. Some people within the by-pass part of their conflict, and other martial arts combined, there are some success. But to spend so much time taking such a large roundabout personally think that not worth it!! Xuewu is to hit people As for what the use of force is the meaning of
--------------------------------------- ------------------------------

back downstairs, do you know why the little girl fell down big man can do? ago I also that skillfully deflected the question is a panacea. was subject to a professional friend pointing lessons came to understand. Aikido is able to fell and so fierce that it skillfully deflected the question is not so pretty. but because the other party to the whole body center of gravity had been sent out, but he was stabbing people do not need the whole body all send out send out all the body is a martial arts taboo! little hands back seized the knife with wrist wrist movements are swirling. But the difference is that one is the use of physical centrifugal force. One is swirling with both hands, the other one hand, it is inside tips, and the other since you said the Quartet to vote. Then I would say that the Quartet to vote. First of all kind of vote is not likely to be fast, precise to say that aikido believe that in fact simply not fast fast ! but voted to impose the success of the Quartet will be the other side the body must first be driven to a certain extent, because opponents can not be more lenient with a general manner, like for you to practice a little bit of a stumbling bedrock of people pulling you down, no doubt. you move there Step back, into the body are also not like judo, then how are posted no more than one way of the quick responses, this is who I am with another friend and come to the conclusion, after repeated practice. aikido how the so-called forcing the opponent had to kind of of that is to between the body and the body after a certain point of view in order to play won. but its opponents in order to fully enjoy the fun of driving the use of tricks too. Exercise an object was too idealistic, once very disappointed. but later figured out. can not be it simply as a military point of view, but an idea, after all, exists if it is to kill. then it would not have changed the original. But I still prefer the pursuit of secular point, so I gave up Aikido! I am not talking about the reason why so many do not practice Aikido. but a want to share with you the feelings of mood, if you practice martial arts in order to force the enemy rather than certificates Road. aikido really makes disappointed!!

on the battlefield have to kill, murder would have sight of blood, without a knife inserted into the person's body pulled out was a bright, white, after the. have not seen no blood should be qualified to say that in order to force only Ge, Tao Zu eligible to say that. because he has seen! for me. or in force as the Ge bar the use of force or not, that is another question.



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