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Why are weighed Boxing

cups with ah _2010-03-16 00:10:58 +0000 #1
Why weight ah
jiancangfeng2010-03-16 00:21:10 +0000 #2
We know that people's power and weight proportional to the power hitting, too, weighed the purpose is to enable the athletes body weight close to points a level of competition, reflects the principle of fair competition. The reason why some athletes, weight control, mainly because they are afraid overweight, loss of this level of entry qualifications, forced into the high school-level competition and increase the difficulty to win. For example: 60 kg class athletes, weight requirements in the "57-60 kg" between, if his weight control at 57 kg, 57 kg class competition will be able to participate in, obviously take advantage; the other hand has no control of his weight is good, more than 60 kg, can only participate in 64-kg class competition, and it is undoubtedly very disadvantage. 】

【Attached to the 29th Olympic Games boxing 11 levels and the corresponding table

1,48 kg body weight (body weight at 48 kg, including 48 kilograms)

2,51 kg (body weight 48 kg

51 kg)

3,54 kg (body weight 51 kg to 54 kg)

4,57 kg (body weight 54 kg to 57 kg)

5,60 kg (body weight of 57 kg to 60 kg)

6,64 kg (body weight 60 kg

64 kg)

7,69 kg (body weight 64 kg to 69 kg)

8,75 kg (body weight in 69 kg to 75 kg)

9 , 81 kg (body weight 75 kg to 81 kg)

10,91 kg (body weight 81 kg

91 kg)

11, +91 kg (body weight of 91 kg)
My Sunshine Home2010-03-16 00:43:31 +0000 #3
with the level of competition



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