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I want to buy swords

Light guides2010-03-16 06:10:42 +0000 #1
swords how to distinguish good and bad ah.

I want to buy sharp tough.

You Moren gave me explain in detail.

How the material is good.

I am prepared to apprentice school fencing.

So Ask. avoid embarrassing ..
piker7982010-03-16 06:16:54 +0000 #2
In this paper, cutting edge hardness and toughness. Kai-Feng angle. hacking point of view, etc. to reveal the mystery of cleaving the hope that we can improve the performance of the iron and steel knowledge and understanding.

1. Blade: a long knife and the knife on the cutting edge of performance requirements are different. Usually long knife fighting, and other sword parry, we should hit, so the blade need to have a degree of flexibility, but the blade should have a certain toughness, not the more rigid the better. Knife is usually not used for intense flame, so the blade steel of great hardness of the blade can be slightly bigger, but not the more rigid the better (apart from the edge of the blade's hardness of steel composition of the decision itself, the need to rely on quenching to increase the hardness of . blade hardness of the most simple and reliable way is to use a dedicated FILE test, but needs experience). If the blade lack of toughness, excellent blade will collapse mouth, which is the most difficult damage has been repaired. If the blade is too soft, there may result in large volumes blade, it is difficult to restore, so the application can not have a good knife or tools like FILE alloy steel knife as high degree of edge. Those who cut off the other side of the knife. Tsam stories are mostly open-rock interpretation. Usually a good knife blade hardness of Rockwell hardness of 50S should be charged more than, 60S below. In short, the higher the hardness, wear resistance The higher, but also some great brittleness.

2. Kai-Feng: According to the use of different grinding tool requirements are also different. The so-called cleaving ability, in addition to the hardness and toughness of the blade outside the ground when the front opening angle is very important. Japan Wodao our example, the tip part of the Japanese as "first cut" (the most sharp knife parts), according to the length difference can be divided into the first big cut. In. Small. Pigs in the first of several such species, length less than 30mm blade called the "pig in the first front", which opened when the front blade grinding the angle large thick, is not conducive to the assassination of cleaving, but fit within the hard armor hacking

objects. Similarly, in order to assassinate cleaving of the Wo Dao is opened when the front blade grinding the angle of the small to do very thin, usually the first big cut. This open-front is very sharp knife, sharp edge. But not easy to chop hard objects, or prone to making mistakes or volume front edge. This truth has long been known by many street vendors. Often sold before the street hawkers knife, holding a kitchen knife cutting wire to show its a good knife steel mouth, in fact, look closely you'll know its cutting wire brought the knife edge of either thick or wide-angle Kai-Feng Kai-Feng is not a thin blade This blade is only suitable for hacking a hard object, cut a meat very laborious. So Kai-Feng angle cleaving of the importance of capacity, that is, there is no clear-cut kind of apotheosis of the can, but also incomparably sharp sword. Each knife can only be biased towards cutting hard objects, or objects in one of the soft function, which is a grinding process from the beginning, decided to.

3. Hacker: Even if there is a good knife, chop cut its effects still have to rely on the user skills. Chopper when the use of waist. Legs. The strength of the coordination of arm hair force, in order to enhance the strength and speed of the chopper. In addition, the choice should be good at edge and objectives of the contact angle. For example, try using bamboo cutting off, usually when that 45 degrees is best, if the angle is greater than 60 degrees, then the blade may not cut deep, not just neat cut off, if less than 30 degrees, then the blade may be from the target surface glide.
kkll62010-03-16 06:45:34 +0000 #3
Taobao buy the bar.



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