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WWE action in the words

a3921606692010-03-16 11:10:49 +0000 #1
Tell me something about his words

For example: steel arm, go to sleep, shoulders pressure, flying elbows, 2 Hey oh, and so, Please, and high scores!

395,362,3442010-03-16 11:20:16 +0000 #2

arm drag (care arm wrestling)

axe handle (hand-ax hit)

armbar (elbow fixed)

arm twist kick (kick arm-twisting)

Alabama slam (AL buttock)

angle slam (ANGLE back wrestling)

armbreaker (arm crushed Technology)

arm lock (arm fixed)

Anklelock (ankle fixed)

abdominal stretch (abdominal stretching fixed)

Avalanche Suplex (avalanche overarm throw)

Avalanche Muscle Buster (bomb avalanche-type muscle wrestling )

Arm-hook Sleeper (hook arm asphyxiation fixed)

Arm Trap Suplex (set of lock-off arm shoulder throw)

Atomic Arabian Facebuster (broken face of Arab Atomic Bomb Technology)

Argentine backbreaker (Argentina back damage Technology)

Arabian Press ( Arab-style crush)

atomic drop (dropping of atomic attack)

armbar & shoulder claw (fixed + buckle shoulder-elbow)

armbar & hammerlock (shoulder elbow fixed + fixed)

armbar & bodyscissor (elbow fixed + cross-body fixed)


back chop (reverse Pizhang)

back suplex (throwing back over shoulder)

back low kick (reflexive low kick)

back kick (reflexive kicking)

back body drop (fall back, stand up hit)

back drop suplex ( fall back and hit over the shoulder throw)

Backbreaker (back grinding technology)

back suplex (throwing back over shoulder)

back eblow punch (punch elbow against the body)

back elbow smash (hit the elbow against the body)

back to back double underhook piledriver (back to back locked arms Piling Technology)

Backbreaker drop (fall back and undermine the strike)

Backflip kick (backward somersault kicks)

back heel kick (turn over heels kicking)

back slide (sliding back to suppress)

bassball slide kick ( slide-style kicking)

bassball slide (slide mobile)

big shoulder claw (strong buckle shoulder pressure)

big shoulder claw & knee attack (strong buckle shoulder pressure & knee strike)

big claw (grasping claws hit)

big back claw (back, grasping claws hit)

big foot (Feet kicking)

big splash (and vigorously flying pressure)

big boot (boots kicking)

bulldog (bulldog face crushed wrestling)

bodysplash & whip (high-speed flutter body collision)

bodyslam (buttock)

body strikes (continuous physical combat)

body punch (upper punch)

Body scissors (upper cross fixed)

Butterfly DDT (Butterfly DDT)

Belly to belly (waist)

belly lock (abdomen fixed)

Belly to belly suplex (hold back wrestling)

belly to back slam (waist back and throw hit)

Brainbuster (brain bomb wrestling)

bear hug (Bear hold-mounted)

bicycle kick ( a bicycle-style kicking)

Boston Crab (Boston crab-mounted)

Black Magic (Black Magic)

boot choke (boots asphyxiation)

Boot from Hell (hell boots kicking)

Bow and arrow hold (bow-mounted)

Biel throw (standard dumped)

Bridging arm triangle choke (large triangle-shaped lock hose fixed)

Bronco buster (Mustang Knight)

Black Hole Slam (Black Hole wrestling)

butterfly lock (butterfly fixed)

Batista bomb (Bhatti star bomb wrestling)


combination (combination of attack)

Crossface (facial cross solid)

chop (Pizhang)

chop drop (Pizhang fall hit)

clothesline (neck broken arm) (gold hook arm)

Crossbody (zoomed off flutter)

chicken wing (folded arm fixed)

Crucifix powerbomb (Cross bomb wrestling)

cross leg trip (cross stumbling Technology)

Crucifix armbar (cross the elbow joint fixed)

chop block (discount leg impact)

chokeslam ( lock hose wrestling) (brief throat wrestling) (thanks DS)

camel clutch (camel-mounted)

cross armbreaker (cross arms destruction techniques)

cross armlock (cross arm fixed)

crucifix (the cross suppression)

cradle suplex (cradle-style overhand throw)

Corkscrew moonsault (spiral waterfall falling strike the moon's surface)

Corkscrew moonsault press (screw-type pressure falls hit the moon's surface)

Corkscrew Senton (spiral ride hit)

chokeslam backbreaker (lock hose back crushed Technology) (brief throat back crushed Technology)

Corkscrew leg drop (screw-type legs fall hit)

Corner slingshot splash (slingshot-style jumping rope angle pressure)

chinlock (jaw fixed)

Corkscrew scissors kick (screw-type scissor kick shot)

Complete Shot ( the end of a hit)

Cobra Clutch (Python-mounted)

choke (lock hose fixed) (brief throat fixed) (thanks DS)

clothesline from Hell (hell, neck broken arm)

Crossface chickenwing (facial Cross & folding arm solid fixed )

Crippler Crossface (spoilers face cross-solid)

cloverleaf (four-leaf-mounted)

cruceta (horizontal block-mounted)

choke toss (throw lock hose wrestling) (brief throat throw wrestling) (thanks DS)


dropkick (flying kick)

doble choke (hands-lock hose)

Diving double foot stomp (diving-style feet trampling)

dropkick to knee (knee flying kick)

diving Swinging neckbreaker (Sharp broken neck diving style wrestling)

diving Fameasser (diving-style Albanian legend)

diving elbow drop (diving-type elbow dropping hit)

double headbutt (Double Hammer)

double chop (double Pizhang)

diving Crossbody (diving-style flying flutter)

dropsault (Falls kicking)

diving splash (diving-style flying pressure)

double arm lock (arms fixed)

dropkick to face (facial flying kick)

Double knee backbreaker (knees-style broken waist Technology)

dragon whip (Dragon Tornado Kick )

diving headbreaker (subduction-type facial crushed Technology)

double suplex (double overarm throw)

double arm suplex (throwing his arms over shoulder)

double dropkick (double flying kick)

double hand chop (Shuang Zhang slap)

double back body drop (fall back, stand up double hit)

diving side kick (diving Side Kick)

diving axe handle (diving-style hand-ax hit)

diving headbutt (diving-style Hammer)

double axe handle (double ax attack )

double flying forearm smash (double flying forearm hit)

double arm drag (double care arm wrestling)

double Roundhouse Kick (Double Roundhouse Kick)

diving Corkscrew Kick (diving spiral kick)

double chickenwing (hands folded arm fixed)

double fisherman brainbuster (Beas-fu-style brain bomb throwing)

diving hurracanrana (diving-type hurricane Scissor)

diving clothesline (diving-type arm broken neck)

double shoulder block (double shoulder hit)

double back suplex side slam (Double back over the shoulder side of wrestling)

double underhook suplex (locked his arms over the shoulder throw)

Death Valley driver (Death Valley bomb wrestling)

Double springboard moonsault (double springboard waterfall falling hit the moon's surface)

diving body press ( Diving type zoomed off pressure)

Double knee facebreaker (knees facial destruction of Technology)

double knee gutbuster (abdomen damaged knees Technology)

double Facebreaker knee smash (double facial damage knee strike)

double Gutbuster (double abdomen damage Technology)

Double underhook (arms locked)

Double underhook powerbomb (powerful bomb threw his arms locked)

Double underhook powerslam (locked arms and threw a strong hit)

Double legdrop to groin (groin legs fall hit)

Double Back Elbow (Double elbow against the body hit)

Double legdrop (double leg fall hit)

Downfall (Destruction)

diving leg drop (diving-style legs fall hit)

Double Flapjack DDT (Double jin threw hit DDT)

Diving front dropkick (jumping front kick)

Double german suplex (throwing back double German)

Doomsday Device (doomsday device)

delayed vertical suplex (throwing back delay vertical)


Exploder powerslam (the original bombs crashed)

elbow smash (elbow impact)

elbow punch (elbow punch)

european uppercut (European-style crank Zhi Ji)

exploder suplex (throwing back the original burst)

Exploder Powerslam (atomic bomb hit a strong wrestling)

eye poke (poke the eyes)

Eye rake (eye damage )

Eye of the Storm (Eye of the Storm)

elbow drop (dropping the elbow strike)

Enzuigiri kick (kicking the medulla oblongata)

electric chair drop (electric chair-type crash)

Eye of the Hurricane (Hurricane's Eye)


figure-4 held with arms (with arm and leg of four-character fixed)

Flying shoulder block (leap-style shoulder hit)

flying clothesline (leap-style neck broken arm)

figure four leglock (four-character fixed-leg)

Figure -4 armlock (four-character arm fixed)

front dropkick (jumping front kick)

front facelock (front face fixed)

Fosbury Flop (hurdle-style flying hit)

flapjack (Flemingia throw hit)

facelock (face fixed)

flying forearm smash (jump style forearm smash hit)

forearm smash (forearm smash hit)

face rake (face destruction of Technology)

Facewash (facial impact)

Fly-swatter (flight hitter)

Front Powerslam (strong throw hit the front)

facebuster (facial bomb wrestling)

facebreaker (facial destruction of Technology)

Fireman's carry slam (Knapsack throw hit)

fireman's carry cutter (Knapsack decapitated wrestling)

fireman's carry facebuster (knapsack bombs crashed face)

Forward Russian legsweep (facing the Russian leg sweep wrestling)

Frog Splash (flying frog jump pressure)

foot choke (iron pin lock hose)

facecrusher (facial smash wrestling)

superplex to facecrusher (Super overarm throw switch to face crushed wrestling)

Facebreaker DDT (facial destruction of DDT)

free fall drop (free fall dropping hit)

fisherman's suplex (the fisherman-style back wrestling)

fujiwara armbar (Fujiwara elbow fixed)

flying back elbow smash (jump style anti-body elbow)

Flying Arabian Facebuster (leap-style Arab facial bomb throwing)

Five-Star Frog Splash (5-star jumping jumping frog pressure)

football kick (shoot-style kicking)

Fallaway slam (elevation over the shoulder throw)

Fireman's carry to facebreaker knee smash (shoulder knee collision crushed facial technology)

face lock (positive constant)

Full Nelson Slam (full-Nelson-style wrestling blow )

Fosbury Flop (Fosbury flop)

Facebreaker knee smash (broken side knee strike)

front dropkick (jumping front kick)

fist drop (dropping the iron fist hit)

floating Neckbreaker drop (floating neck crushed fall hit)

Falling Fate (Death Drop)

Five Knuckle Shuffle (5 refers to a hit)

frontslam (the positive wrestling)

frankensteiner (Franken Steiner, Frankenstein, Frankenstein)


floatover (waist Bridge type suppression)

forearm scissor choke (cross-type forearm lock hose)

Fameasser (Albanian legend)


ground headlock (head fixed on the ground)

Gutbuster drop (fall abdominal damage Technology)

german suplex (German-style back wrestling)

Gutbuster (abdomen destruction technology)

ground hammerlock (on the ground shoulder fixed)

Gorilla press (King Kong-style flat cited)

gutwrench powerbomb (the abdomen to reverse bomber crashed)

gutwrench suplex (abdomen twisting back wrestling)

gutwrench powerslam (abdominal twisting powerful throw hit)

Ghetto Stomp (poor stampede)

Gory special flipped into a sitout powerbomb (somersault Gori-mounted switch to powerful bombs hit sit)

Gory special (kori-mounted)

guillotine toss (guillotine Type throw wrestling)


headlock (head fixed)

headlock takedown (wrestling head of fixed-dive)

Huracanrana (Hurricane Scissor) General situation

Huracanrana pin (hurricane Scissor suppression)

headscissor roll over (anti-side Head Scissor)

headscissor takedown (broken head scissors feet) to corner posts on the use

headscissor (head Scissor fixed)

hammer lock (shoulder fixed)

handspring eblow kick (before the hand-churn elbow)

Handspring slingshot Huracanrana (rebound before the hand-churn Hurricane Scissor)

Handspring Huracanrana (pre-Hurricane Scissor hands somersault)

Handstand swinging headscissors (inverted vertical rotary head Scissor)

horse trip (tripping horse lock)

headlock takeover (lock-type turn wrestling)

high kick (high angle kick)

high foot choke (high angle iron leg-lock hose) (high angle iron leg brief hose)

headbutt (Hammer)

High knee (knee-high-angle shot)

Half Boston Crab ( Half Boston crab-mounted)

hip drop (hip fall hit)

High-angle senton bomb (the high point of flying back and dropping bombs hit)

Hesitation Dropkick (hesitation flying kick)

hooking clothesline (the golden hook, neck broken arm)


Implant DDT (indoctrination style DDT)

Inverted neckbreaker (inverted neck and crushed Technology)

inverted DDT (Reverse DDT)

Impaler (Assassin)


jumping bodydrop (jump seat hit)

jumping headbutt (jump Hammer )

jumping stomp (jump trampling)

jump rolling clutch (jump roll suppression)

jumping knee drop (fall jumping knee strike)

jawbreaker (jaw crushed Technology)

jumping double elbow drop (dropping elbows jump shot)

jumping axe handle (hand-ax jump shot)

jumping elbow drop (dropping the elbow jump shot)

jumping calf kick (jump a small Tuiti hit)

jumping clothesline (jump broken neck arm)

jumping enzuigiri (jump kick medulla oblongata)

jumping splash ( jump zoomed off pressure)

Jumping Side Kick (jump side kick)

Jumping corkscrew forearm (forearm and hit jumps screw)

jumping spin back kick (jump swing back kick)

jumping knee attack (jumping knee strike)

jumping snap elbowdrop ( the rapid fall jumping elbow strike)

jumping legdrop (jumping legs fall hit)

jump Swinging DDT (jump swerved DDT)

jab (jab)


knee attack (Knee attack)

kitchen sink (rapid knee blow )

knee drop (knee falling hit)

knee smash (knee impact)

Keylock (key-lock-mounted)

kimura lock (Kimura-mounted)

knee choke (knee lock hose fixed)


lariat ( lasso-style kicking)

leg drop (legs fall hit)

Leg drop bulldog (bulldog legs falling face crushing blow style wrestling)

Lifting reverse STO (lift-type reverse STO)

Lou Thez Press (Dan hereby style crush)

leg trip (hold-leg tripping)

leg-feed enzuigiri (three foot-type medulla oblongata kick)

Leg-feed spinning mule kick (three foot rotary song after kicking leg)

low kick (kicking the next paragraph hit)

leg lock (fixed leg)

Lariat takedown (lasso-type escapement wrestling)

low bow kick (vaginal kicking)

low bow (vaginal attacks)

Lifting inverted DDT (Lifting-type inverted DDT)

legdrop to arm & Figure-4 armlock (arm, leg and arm fall hit and four-character fixed)

legdrop to arm (arm, leg and fall hit)




a85550062010-03-16 11:27:01 +0000 #3
--N Multi -


pressure to

somersault back flip threw an elbow

bomb shattered his knee wrestling (shells crashed)

Fei-ping hit

heavy uppercut palm cut

in fact this is our country own every one of them said,

The moves have their own names starting

10 hours --- Also known as high score Mody - 哈哈

give points, then give me a put - 哈哈



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