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Taekwondo, how can the cross-kick released a greater force

Well-being of the small 72010-03-17 04:10:30 +0000 #1
coach would always say that I am. However, the pace of standard is a standard issued by the strength of a chicken are not beat to death.

Taught me more practice, to be honest I play the voice of ultra-small pad. How can I do?

A few days is necessary to upgrade exam.
Chong Ming Hospital Hwarang2010-03-17 04:20:54 +0000 #2
see what your own inadequacies, if the standard posture may be strong enough, or coherent enough

In fact, the power should be little effect on strike to achieve adequate target strength, with one knee raised, transfer span Leg-Snap Boxing is a very consistent, and the change across the end of the leg just kicked the power pin when the target should be the biggest
affectionately kissing2010-03-17 04:59:24 +0000 #3
the use of hips and waist steering force to the two a power driven legs.
┝ _ Doors _ ┥2010-03-17 05:05:20 +0000 #4
shoulder and waist, leg hair turned to force to keep parallel to the direction of line even though they are not a straight line parallel to this, it must be thrown to the leg before the benefits of a strong parallel to the Tao is to prevent the power off if you do not force parallel to hair big, but to fight Quemei out more strongly thankless



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