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School hip-hop to pull those parts of ligament

attach_2010-03-17 06:10:52 +0000 #1
17 years old today, I should be able to open ligament, right?

Tiaojie Wu addition to the waist, split hips, shoulders open but also arrested outside of what ligament?

I am off the shoulder has been very vague, open-shoulder useful? How to open?

There are too straight, I 劈腿 previously opened. After a period of time without practicing. Retraction of the ligament again.

Now 劈腿 very painful, and sometimes it does not really straight.

La ligament before you do something?

How to safely pull ligaments? Does not cause ligament injury.
Far sister2010-03-17 06:18:35 +0000 #2
Main dance to see you practice what kinds of jazz and hiphop hop we need to open the shoulders

breaking did not hear the words as if they said I need to open quite sore shoulder and that the

my teacher to the I opened the shoulder of people lying on the floor when the teacher pulled the body to relax next to your elbow pull

put your body into the 90 degrees and then pull into your head lower down the teacher's knee withstood the middle of your shoulder

and then he hand and then pull energetically next heard a loud on the list

do not, then the distinction between the suffering people, ah!

If you have not previously based so pressure must be slowly ligaments

is the pressure just started to try to try later have widened the ligament on the do not care

I am 19 years old began to study dance when pressed gently pressed a ligament is to insist on a day for some time

and then opened like a total pressure
Miss Small Pig ☆2010-03-17 06:25:01 +0000 #3
as long as you willing to endure hardship can be opened,

hip-hop except for some floor moves and other actions need to pull very few ligaments in the amount of -

the amount of open shoulder? No need to bar,

pulled ligaments can jog a few times before, so ligament will be very open,,

if the pull does not go, then, do not dead lift, bit by bit slowly -



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