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Jeet Kune Do Issues

Wu wushu2010-03-17 08:11:39 +0000 #1
Bruce Lee practiced law what are the legs? Including Chinese and foreign martial arts! Please find the whole point!
z4507154252010-03-17 08:27:46 +0000 #2
Bruce Lee was trained in martial arts of Chinese - Wing Chun.

Bruce Lee, although Roy created his "Jeet Kune Do," looks like a combination of martial arts, this is not fake, but its essence remains Wing Chun. Concise manner, "said Jeet Kune Do" is the offshoot of Wing Chun - Wing Chun Lee-style.

As for the xzhVSzxy said, "He's training is the Chinese-inch boxing, boxing-inch speed and strength is known, is the essence of modern Chinese martial arts" is wrong.

In the martial arts there is no inch of which is called boxing boxing, martial arts, there-inch fresh. Jin is the body-fat-inch parts of muscle strength results of a high degree of unity inch of fresh need for speed and strength, with penetrating power and lethality.

And "the whole Jin" and so on, like, "Jin-inch" are "powerful" one, which is one of the Chinese martial arts magic weapon for defeating the enemy.

Xing Yi Quan, Tai Chi, Wudang boxing, Wing Chun, Ba Ji Quan and Shaolin boxing all have inch fresh. Since ancient times, is not only in modern times first.

"Inch boxing" concept has been interpreted as "within an inch of punching," is to explain to foreigners Lee Jin-inch one way. Bruce Lee was first to follow is to learn Wing Chun master Yip Man. Ip Guangdong Foshan people. Later moved to Hong Kong due to Duobizhanluan.

Is the so-called Rivals. If I have to Bruce Lee's boxing and legs on the law, it is estimated that more should be more boxing.

But then, Bruce Lee, more and more extensive contact with people around the world the essence of martial arts at home are covered, such as Taekwondo, judo, Muay Thai, Filipino stick, jiu-jitsu, boxing and so on.

More information on Bruce Lee's kung fu name of the well-known as "Jin-inch punch," Jin-inch punch that comes from Wing Chun.

The three-legged Lee Lee has long been known as the title, meaning that his comic tripod a lot.

Bruce Lee created "Jeet Kune Do", which is integrated into the world of boxing legs law and skills in a variety of martial art, is best used for actual combat fighting mode. In actual combat, which is conducive to a faster opponent down on the use which. Which does not really matter which supplement the main one said.

Of course, if you prefer boxing, then boxing can be main attack class warfare, and like to use legs, then legs, method of main attack. Determined to see you personally.



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