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How can learn Aikido from?

yainide2010-03-17 11:10:15 +0000 #1
I live in Xuanwu District. From the Xuanwu District, where a recent study aikido Which? How much?

Please give me the address line of travel.谢谢. 50 reward. If you play well to give 5 points. The only 55 minutes of the ...
49856462010-03-17 11:24:38 +0000 #2
acridine Aikido Beijing Tingduo, ah! Upstairs, why go to the Japanese Embassy ah? Ha ha! Different from Well! And Aikido points in Japan and South Korea it! , Chaoyang, Haidian with the Museum of aikido are more Xuanwu District really do not know! But you can find from the University of the relatively recent, and some universities are all inside the club!

If you is not very far away from the first National Taiwan Normal University, then go over there Jiuhao La! Because they do not know you where in the Xuanwu District and which sites, I probably say something bar. Take American Express 102, to the space Nishi station, Capital Normal University in walking distance! Oh, a little trouble! However, you have to be a reference to the bar! Wu Sheng Museum! Can be found on the Internet about specific there!

I wish you as soon as possible to find a suitable togwan!

For the strength of people Man You do not use! Somewhat similar to Tai Chi with China's wonderful, and skillfully deflected the question! Is a major defensive or self-protection, few take the initiative to attack the action! Joint techniques are very important!

There are As you say how much money, if you are a student with student ID, if relatively cheaper than the adults! There are membership fees, you can pay-per monthly, quarterly or a year Paying! Go to Web search with me (Wu-sheng Museum) will be introduced in every region of the Road House prices not the same as Oh! However, pay-per count, then the basic 20 or so a lesson and that is the students. Adults by about a 30 count! Is probably the way! Kaye on one month, hundreds of membership to 100 - 400. If you do not join the more money each month than the members. For you to be a reference only! !

Hope that help you!
shuai251842010-03-17 11:39:24 +0000 #3
Aikido's ZvBox?
Zhang Ao men2010-03-17 11:30:10 +0000 #4
you can go to the Japanese Embassy to ask, or glance at their website at their own Baidu Bar



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