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I really want to know kung fu is not powerful

zoumian2402010-03-17 13:10:29 +0000 #1
China dare to do kung fu? I think the last time China and Thailand boring so I ask him to come to 1.3 billion, and his fight to find a broadcast seeking Lumpini boxing games

135 lbs-level ranking

TOYOTA Muay Thai 140 lbs Marathon champion

2006 S1 World Professional Muay Thai Championship middleweight title

K-1 WORLD MAX 2004,2006 World King

career record: 187 war, 20 negative, 12 flat, 47KO

k-1max record: 23 battle 20 wins 3 losses
Citizen lonely2010-03-17 13:23:28 +0000 #2
I wore was scolded the danger to answer your question, all that China Sanda most powerful people, why not think so, because the Chinese media has long been the impact of a one-sided propaganda.

The fact is that, Chinese Sanda charge by the Chinese Wushu Association, the Chinese Wushu Association in 99 years, modeled on Japan k-1 held in Sanda Wang race, but that is the Chinese people's internal battle, entertain bar. Later, a competition held by local stations, such as the martial arts style, is not high-grade game, simply can not find a well-known foreign fighter.

Chinese Sanda compared with other countries, opportunities for exchanges with foreign players is relatively small, while that in China, a small number of international against Sanda, Chinese Sanshou athletes, the majority ended in failure, but the Chinese media's information blockade is relatively easy, once China one defeat, then the news, people basically do not know this. Once the victory, it is propagandizing is a national psychology, it is understandable.

We know China's three major Sanda Wang: Liu Hailong, Bao Li Gao, Yuan Yu-bao. However, most people do not know, Yuan-Bao Tian was with the Thai male contest in first round KO was one, and people do not know, Yuan-Bao and Bao Li Gao have been lost to the Iranians the country Hou Zein Aojia Ji - Liu Hailong very little reason for defeat is because Wushu Association know, Liu Hailong spiritual symbol of the Chinese Sanda, so once the event of a powerful enemy, without a grasp of the situation does not allow Liu Hailong play.

As for the broadcast seeking, he Muay Thai as their own lives, Muay Thai players are very respected professional spirit, and broadcast seeking 8-year-old practice Muay Thai, and Chinese Sanda Sanda players began practicing the age, mostly between 15 and 18 years old, from 1:00 you can see the gap.

I am not a worshiper of foreign things, I just said a fact that in the international arena, the World Muay Thai fighting fans are aware of the fierce, fighting all know that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is free, but few worship Chinese Sanda.

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Oo Xuzi oO2010-03-17 13:24:14 +0000 #3
Earth's people know that the most 牛逼 Chinese martial arts. . . .
deadwoods2010-03-17 13:34:29 +0000 #4

the amount of multicast demand is very simple to play, then cross-level, and Yao Da Mixed martial arts

I am convinced that win national or be able to find some of the

on the same level of basic no solution
cui3801313412010-03-17 14:44:10 +0000 #5
In fact, the reason why the Chinese martial arts than in other countries Kung Fu powerful, mainly China's kung fu more comprehensive. For example, Sanda, in general, Sanda practice of good athletes in wrestling and boxing on the legs and hair are good, not professional athletes may be a single strong, but a combination of several that is invincible, so-called Three Stooges Race Guo Zhuge Liang, it is this reason, you think about boxing and Sanda only one game, practiced boxing's hand has not hit someone else, it has been practiced by Sanda's legs to kick back, and practicing Tae Kwon Do's legs just hit out of , not yet recovered, he was to catch a train Sanda legs, then threw to put it, it is also playing the ass ah, so the brother you have to believe that the Chinese kung fu is really powerful. Hehe
renninahaoben2010-03-17 14:51:26 +0000 #6
Of course, terrible
heroes 19892010-03-17 14:15:56 +0000 #7
Chinese martial arts has not been precisely defined. However, according to the professional division, it should be the creation of the Chinese people themselves the effort, rather than Chinese people in martial arts. Some Chinese people learn boxing, learning Taekwondo, we can not say that this person's kung fu is a Chinese martial arts. China should be the kinds of traditional Chinese martial arts of boxing, such as octupole, Tai Chi. China really has a real sense boxing is Sanda. Although this world is not the strongest martial arts, only the strongest of people, but more Sanda and Muay Thai, Sanshou is a bit weak. First, obviously not as good as Muay Thai Boxing training intensity, while Muay Thai Boxing more than the elbow and knee France France, although a very powerful Sanda's wrestling, but wrestling is wrestling immortal who can only score in the game.

But Louzhu do not look down on the Chinese people and Chinese people's perception is a good, or else why the four great inventions of our Chinese people?

Is the Chinese people like to rest on its laurels, always dreaming of Kung Fu in China, the exclusion of other martial arts. If we Chinese people are willing to learn from other martial arts, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and the like, and I believe that UFC, K1 in must have the Chinese presence.

I want to see the day when we Chinese people say: We are the strongest Chinese people! Rather than the most powerful kung fu.
taiyangqihuo2010-03-17 13:51:00 +0000 #8
It depends on how you say

ring on, the Chinese martial arts, modern Sanda, be real nice bar. But the true prevalence in the MMA today, simply Sanshou has been unable to meet full ring rules.

But traditional martial arts, is suitable for combat, not suitable for the ring. Traditional martial arts training is features a move for decades. Practice is to blow people killed. There are a lot of emphasis on the modern battle surgery techniques to protect the head and the control of both physical strength and then let the other side can not be made opportunistic use of anti-articular techniques technologies. However, the traditional martial arts before the flaw is not just the head, do not wear knuckle, the upper and lower body flaws are everywhere to be able to sell drilling, whoever made the body force who will be able to reach the other side killing each other, and the traditional martial arts training is also must be no room for hair strength can also be made strength. This technique has been completely modern wrestling is not a way of. Higher among the traditional martial artist, most fat force as long as no simple hand gestures to see who can grab a good position before the first strike hit the other side, they know very well with each other the level of the. If true ring according to the present rules, would not be sub-level is attacking the dead? Traditional martial arts can not be used to ring for.

What kind of martial arts the most powerful, is unable to speak and can only look for what purposes. For example, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu MMA ring is singled out of the compulsory courses, ring singled out the king, but the street fighting is flawed. Sanda race fist of wrestling, rather than knee, elbow, modern Muay Thai athletes also weaker than wrestling. The rules are different for different purposes, except to say under what circumstances, what is the best martial arts only.

Chinese kung fu, traditional martial arts for the real fight is very powerful, but can not ring rivalry. Sanda be the more powerful in today's world standing fighting style, but there is no ground war. Modern Fighting in Sanda there is a need for improvement, and advanced players are a lot of Sanda and learn Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu knee and elbow on the ground. Lou Zhu said that the athletes, if you do not follow MMA rules, while the Sanshou rules, certainly able to cope with more down Sanshou athletes go. But the cash-domestic players in the war did little good on the ground, MMA definitely a disadvantage.



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