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The routines Changquan

a rye liquor a2010-03-24 20:10:53 +0000 #1
Why is the video on the computer changquan the routines are different?

I'm looking for a fist of the routine and began what is Bu pairs of Pi Quan, lunge red boxing, Leg-Snap Boxing red boxing, horse red boxing ......( what seems to empty the last step of what bright palm , can not remember a)

in the Internet is difficult to find, there is no martial arts expert can tell me, preferably with video. Or password or something.

PS: I also like martial arts fighting do not like Taiwan Tae Kwon Do, a traditional martial arts with the powerful feeling of hope to have the master pointing

QQ is 444,536,765 plus I Please indicate the identity of
kungfuchen2010-03-24 20:15:59 +0000 #2
Oh, I'll one by one to answer for you:

a fist is a fist road system, rather than a set of boxing, so this system will appear within a wide variety of routines!

2 you said that the first action is to Bu pairs of Pi Quan routines I practiced, that routine teaching of primary Changquan 1st Road, referred to as the way changquan, video is as follows: / id_XODk2NjY1MjA =. html

3, If you like wrestling and traditional martial arts then you have half the success possible, the difference is that you personally, and hard work! I wish you success at an early date.

4, If you need help may be in my space message, everyone works together to explore, learn together!
Fashion Wardrobe 22010-03-24 20:59:53 +0000 #3

freshman reasoning memorize

1, martial arts sports in general can be divided into martial arts fighting equipment to the training group performances of five categories.

2, equipment in general can be divided into short weapon, long instruments, pairs of equipment, software equipment four groups.

3, Wushu diagrams generally left with the dotted lines ____ ___ upper (lower limb) and the road route, with the solid line represents the right ____ ___ upper (lower limb) and travel routes.

4, straight legs swing of law, including being kicked, outside the pendulum, where together, side kicks, after the tease, the five legs, France.

5, flexion and extension of legs laws, including, routine, kick, side kick, three legs, France.

6, sweeping change its law, including _____ leg sweep before and after the two leg sweep method.

7, changquan in the "four-click" refers to the kicking, playing, throwing, holding, "8 Law" refers to the ______ hands, eyes, body, step, spirit, gas, power, power ______," 12-shaped "refers to the action, such as Tao, Jing, such as Yue played like a monkey, off, such as magpies, points such as pine, legislation such as the chicken, transfer, such as wheels, folding, such as bow, fast wind, slow, such as eagles, as light as a leaf, as heavy as iron 2,

noun interpretation (5 points for each question, a total of 10 points)

1, martial art of attack and moves to the main content in order to routines and fighting, power law form of exercise, focusing on internally and externally to the Chinese traditional sport项目.

2, changquan

changquan is a generous stretch, rapid and powerful, distinctive rhythms and includes jump jumping jumps, turns and ups and downs flash boxing show maneuvers and other actions the Department.

3, Short Answer (10 points per question, a total of 20 points)

1, the characteristics and role of martial arts What is this?

Wushu features; 1. Blending art of attack and the sports into: 2. Internal and external unity Xingshenjianbei national style:

3. A wide range of adaptability:

martial arts role; 1. Grinding Shuo will cultivate moral character 2 calcined Shuo hearts and opening up the body, enhance physical fitness

3. Master the art of attack and to improve self-defense skills, four, entertainment and cultural enrichment of life is watching

2, changquan the basic techniques of that?

Action clear, power-point accuracy, stretch upper and lower limbs strong and rapid movement, the sudden quiet

4, describing the title (25 points)

1, describes the bow, horses, servants, virtual, break the five-step model of basic action specifications and essentials (-) lunge

Action Description: feet or so open about 3 feet long

four times the toe is right in front of knees, squat, thighs horizontal, watching helplessly as the front, his hands on his waist Bao Quan.

The main points: the first positive, chest, vertical waist, button feet.

(B) Bu

Action Description: The front foot inside the micro-buckle, full-feet touch the ground, knees, squat, thighs as the level of the knee and the foot about the vertical; the other leg quite knee straight and toes inside the front buckle oblique whole foot forward, the upper body is right in front of his hands Baoquan hands around his waist.

IMPORTANT: chest, waist legislation; forelegs arch, hind legs stretch.


(3) virtual-step

Action Note: The latter oblique toes forward, knees, squat, thighs close to the level of the whole feet touch the ground; forelegs peg-leg, the foot tension, toe virtual points on the ground.

IMPORTANT: chest, vertical waist, actual situation clearly. Combination of methods to do the right moves.

(D) of the servant-step

Action Description: a full squat legs, thighs and calves try to be hip near the calf, all feet touch the ground, knees and toes slightly outreach; the other leg close to the ground tile, all feet touch the ground, be deducted from the toe.

IMPORTANT: chest, vertical waist, hips open, full-foot touch the ground.

(5) Break-step

Action Description: legs, knees wide cross-squat, front foot forward to the whole foot, the toe outreach; heels off the ground, close to the buttocks after the lateral calf.

IMPORTANT: chest, vertical waist, legs snapping.



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