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cold-blooded gentleman2010-03-25 09:12:00 +0000 #1
UFC has recently seen a number of games

would like to ask you some questions:

1.UFC a month time?

2.UFC champion is how to obtain, is not every champion has a gold belt?

3.Fedor why the game took part in the UFC does not appear on the official website of the list?

4. Where there is a better video to see Lyoto Machida?

Thank you for the -
0fistfight02010-03-25 09:23:39 +0000 #2
Louzhu your question really many points I took.

1, ufc game is basically one a month, and sometimes there will be two a month.

In addition, like Fight night, TUF reality show which of these will be interspersed from time to time, generally speaking, the year the market will be held 15-20 bar (including Fight night). The specific situation can be concerned about the UFC's official website

or Baidu's UFc paste it, have notice.

2, a level is only one winner (heavyweight heavyweight middleweight welterweight lightweight), so a level of only one player with gold belt, of course, there will be different at different times champion (so often see a lot of players in the online description is not surprising that they were staffed by ufc champion) championship title is the original title by challenging the victory obtained.

3, would like to say fedor has never participated in any game ufc! So he is not the ufc player! He is a pride (an mma event) heavyweight champion, pride has been ufc acquisition, fedor left the pride to some small mma boxing tournament.

4, LYOTO MACHIDA the current heavyweight champion, I think I can tell you that one can watch ufc1 to ufc109 (later will be updated) website.

Lou Zhu, fedor, and rogers of that game is not a ufc, maybe you see is indeed octagonal cage, but that is Strikeforce (United States Mixed martial arts event Stikeforce, which is a small mma competition) organized by the , to borrow the ufc of the octagonal cage, fedor has been no sign of a heart disease ufc is the ufc (simple to say that ufc did not carve out fedor satisfactory condition), which is no longer news.



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