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Ants card extendable batons in general what is the price?

Yi Qiu Xuan owner2010-03-25 15:10:36 +0000 #1
Net purchase then?
wuxuetianzi2010-03-25 15:16:38 +0000 #2
see your question, I know that buddy right stick rejection of such items is just the touch you?

"Telescopic truncheon" This title is not accurate, while the ants of this brand, is a Chinese-made stick inside the absolute rejection of Big Brother, its technology and quality that other clubs can not match domestically rejection does not mean that other bad stick Rejection , but actually beyond our reach and now ant rejection stick flag has long been changed, if you see ants stick rejection is based on "ANT" as a trademark, then, if this is not the "end-kit" series (also ants's a brand more benefits, but the quality is still slightly better than with "GAS" for trademark series), it is absolutely false! ! Rejection of the ants now have a unified pricing stick, if not defective or second-hand, then the seller will never be able to change, whether it were most likely fake!


This is the official web site, from the membership and posted a few on the know - learn to learn more on the inside, and then start with a

I wish Louzhu close to receiving a good stick !
Magic Sin Ling Fort Miyuki2010-03-25 15:51:36 +0000 #3



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