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Practicing qigong out of question, please help me

xiaolanyue2010-03-25 23:12:05 +0000 #1
When I was trained to sleep at night is not too much

just too many distractions and by the pubic abdominal breathing when you sleep

last night to fall asleep and then when the mood is not very good breathing all of a sudden abdominal cramps

is that there is a powerful sense of control over their own uncomfortable so I am very afraid and then point diarrhea

how to do please help me
Golden Apple 20042010-03-25 23:19:03 +0000 #2
In fact, Qigong is very difficult to give preference to is in the effort to achieve a certain time before a migraine! When practicing the Louzhu readme is not too much can be basically excluded from the partial situation.

Last night a good mood, breathing with abdominal pain, very likely to eat on, is not something bad for dinner, but said the following have diarrhea, it proved to be the basic question of what to eat, is not to eat non - net, or eat too cold?

Qigong exercises require loose, quiet, peaceful. Without this state, may try to read a read on behalf of the 10000. If not into, can be temporary break. Please be careful!
cnwbggg2010-03-25 23:52:23 +0000 #3
Louzhu not possessed by the Devil 呀!



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