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Martial arts questions

Only electric2010-03-26 01:10:23 +0000 #1
Martial Arts section you wish colleagues a Happy New Year!

I wish you all a Happy New Year! Family well-being Family! Ping Ruyi, Fuk home! Fa Fa Fa! ! !

Day by years of people Zengshou spring Poppins Fukuma door

Congratulations, you fortune! The body perfectly healthy!

You think what the future of Chinese Kung Fu?
kungfuchen2010-03-26 01:22:14 +0000 #2
Sword Tibet Qingfeng Guan Bull

air talent such as electricity

Bang universe

Wu Lin Zhengrong

Divine are generous rivers and mountains


Zhuang Zhen I Treasures


Ice I Changhen

universal energetic

China's rise
Bruce Lee's cries2010-03-26 01:44:32 +0000 #3
Boxing Jeet Kune Do not up to much apart from the other performances that are not actual combat
pulsator Canada2010-03-26 02:22:38 +0000 #4
lost, and only a few enthusiasts strong.



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